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**** of the month -
that italian cheat flavio b.

hahahahahaha :D

thats exactly how I'm gonna be when Im his age. I dont know about the cheat and ****, but I know I will have a hot mrs. Thats how I am now. Even now I have the old Italian man look going on with the hot girlfriend.
Yep, even the hot girlfriend to :D .. I am very lucky. It drives blokes so mad to see such a **** up of a bloke end up like that. They always bitch about "why do the losers always get the great girls?" well ****, maybe if you stopping whinging about how much of losers we are you'd have the 15/10 ladies as well. ;)
... I dont know about the cheat and **** ...
The 'crashgate' scandal, that has caused Flavio Briatore ...
to leave their positions at Renault, is the latest to sully
a sport bedevilled by problems over the past two years ...
**** of the month -
that italian cheat flavio b.


This is so repulsive I need to vomit. How women manage to lower themselves to the level of a dumb, c**ksucking parasite around rich & powerful men is beyond belief. No matter how ugly, bald, sweaty, chauvinistic, ill-mannered and rude the man might be.

But luckily she looks happy - must be true love :lol:
from another forum:

****er of the Year!

by PaulX » 09 Sep 2009, 21:11
A friend of mine got preggers by her boyfriend a few months ago. She wanted an abortion at the time, he begged her to keep it. On the day she was due to go to the abortion clinic, he booked in work so she had no-one to take her to the clinic.

Then, when she was 19 weeks pregnant, he decided he wanted her to have an abortion after all. She couldn't. With the foetus kicking and moving inside her, she said she couldn't do that, she felt it was murder. So he's told her if she doesn't do it, don't count on me to be the father. Now he's left her.

You, sir, are my nomination for ****er of the Year.