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I agree jj i'm a gooner and i'm totally fed up with hearing about this.Is it only me or is football getting more like the school playground everyday.

All this "he said that" and " well you said this" business going on, it's rubbish and mr ferguson had to pipe up and say his piece " He should be banned for next week" how do you think he would react if somebody said that about one of his players.


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I'll tell you who the biggest cnut on TV is at the moment



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I think peter andre should be defined as a soppy twat, not a cnut
Jordan or bono would get my vote both world class cnuts.

Andre is not really a soppy tw**! It's all a charade.... underneath it all believe, he's a CNUT!!!! :D

I also think AKORN is a CNUT... but not Kerry Katona.. more like this --->



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you better watch out posting pictures of micky slim beside the C word Olly

we've been here before


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Andre is not really a soppy tw**! It's all a charade.... underneath it all believe, he's a CNUT!!!! :D

I also think AKORN is a CNUT... but not Kerry Katona.. more like this --->


"this is a shot of Mark hiding the camcorder in Kerry's bathroom in order to make more money from the cash cow he married" - CNUT!!! (and she's a friggin eejit for sticking with the low life......)


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Anyone who appears on the front cover of Heat more than 10 times in a year is a CNUT.

end of.

^ factoid.

as an aside, the new editor of Heat was in one of my a-level classes, and no doubt has an extra zero on the end of his salary

additional cnut points


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found this on another forum:

a simple guide to the jordan/andre circus - how true it is I don't know... but it is a cynical game....


I'm with someone last night who works in that world (PR and stuff).

And they explained to me in precise detail the 'grotesque genius' of her PR machine.

I was ''

So he then goes...

Well Peter's PR are passing him off as the good guy. He's been clever and being pictured with the Kids.
Everyone goes...'Ahhh..'

Jordan in the mean time is cavorting round Ibiza like a singleton does.
Unfortunately the paps make it look as if she's living out the last days of Soddam and Gamorrah.
Uh oh! lots of Joe public don't like this...they can do it of course, but not Jordan who's meant to be still shouting and nagging Peter.

Then Pete goes and lands all kind of 'nation favourite' jobs like 'celebrity reporter on GMTV' with Lorraine, while Jordan (stupidly has a face to face with Piers Morgan).

To Joe Public Lorraine = Hurrah!
Piers = Boooo!

She pulls out a card though (not quite the aces, they are for later) but Jack or Queen...she lost a baby.
Doesn't quite work and Pete retains a dignified silence (more browny points with JP (Joe or Joanne Public that means).

So now the PR people go into overdrive.
And she suddenly annouces (via the press) that she's been raped.
A dreadful awful thing to happen to anyone (male or female) that gets you a lot of sympathy AND a guaranteed front page.

Then (and he get's excited now, explaining the twisted genius of it) what can make it even bigger?
I'm like...'bigger than rape?
He's like 'Yes yes! :idea:
I'm like..'Umm I don't know...murder?
He's like..'Jesus, come on! Have a this day and age what would be the icing on the cake..'
Me (Silence)...
Him..'Think Ulrika'
Me...'Ahh, it was someone famous'
Him YES!!!! Genius isn't it?
Now everyone's talking about it/her and she's getting people back on side see?

Me..Ah right...f*ckin hell. Is it really that thought out? Honestly?

Him..Of course you f*ckin tit! Everything is planned, everything!! But there's more..

Me...Really? That's not all..

Him..'No f*ckin it's the ace card..'

Me...What can that be?

Him..'That Peter KNEW and is now saying he didn't. I mean how cruel is that!!!'

Me...F*ckin that what she's gonna do?

Him...'Of course. Because then it's completely turned to Peter being the bad guy and poor Jordan the victim.

Me..Jesus...and when will this happen?


Have a look at todays papers....
And that is the world we live in.
Good or bad?
I don't know?
IT's been the same forever I suppose, spinning, PR, propaganda...



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I wish the 'c' word (I ****ing hate when people call it that) wasn't like, so censored here. Hey isn't that a form of Internet censorship? ;)