rate these sunset bars and give us a comment on them



cafe del mar
how would you rate these sun set bars and whats good about them

bora bora





15 days to go
cafe del mar
- seems to be the most popular, good for meeting peeps and watching a nice sunset, always some firethrower etc so good entertainment

bora bora
- the party bar! excellent for pre clubbing and day clubbing

- expensive ok but not great

not been

ok not bad, good for a little boogie

fit food, jacket potatoe etc, and lovely sangria
if u can get a table, nice sunset

thats all folks
cafe del mar a concrete hell hole

bora bora sunset?

mambo's terrible food

kanya never been

coastline overpriced, over-designed dump

savanna nicer food
cafe del mar - very tired looking these days and so commercialised

bora bora - not technically a sunset bar, but best place to throw a few moves on the beach in the afternoon/evening

mambo's - full of beer boys, West Enders on a night out, food is crap and service is diabolical, do a nice Sangria tho

kanya - nice bar for daytime/nightime, good food, good crowd

coastline - nice food, good for daytime/nightime

savanna - prefer it to mambos but food is not particularly great
my comments

cafe del mar
worht the visit to say you have been but needs to be brought up to date

bora bora
not been will be checking out this year.

like this place good for a drink

nice and out the way, lots of ibiza workes hanging out more laid back

love it to bits the fountains mate a class touch adn the food is great.
plus this year they ahve some top pre parties

best food out of all the sun set bars. tend to have to many people walking through as it's at the start of the strip.

Barbie said:
bora bora - not technically a sunset bar, but best place to throw a few moves on the beach in the afternoon/evening

Bora Bora may not be a sun set bar but its definitely one of my favourite places to watch the sun rise! :D
Ok lets start with Kumharas then:

Beautiful with the "real" Ibiza feel, not to commercialised -
not big food portions, ok price but for gods sake, mind what you chew on - i has food poisining the last time i was there! ruined my cream-night completely!

Overcrowded, ok food, overpricey - o.k option if Savannah´s tables are taken. Good for warm-up as they often have good dj´s there....

COOL!! Excellent spaghetti bolognese, fair prices, horrible daquiries but excellent sangria, the best sunsetplace I.M.O - Cool live sax sometimes as well, great tunes!

Cafe Del Mar:
Sat there once...zzzz...not really so interesting as made up to be.

Excellent tuna, ok sunset...the atmosphere is better near the strip

Stylish, love the poolarea but sod off with the prices! havent had a meal there yet...

Sugarsea - Nice! forgor that one as well!
cafe del mar - Funny looking inside, ugly outside, never really 'gets going', boring boring music.

bora bora - Part party party! Day time party bar/beach :D

mambo's - Good music often, busy with nice atmosphere and good vibe. Sh1te food, crap service too.

kanya - The daddy. Quality daytime pool/terrace, great music, good service, good food. Good crowd.

coastline - As above really but not as good service, dearer.

savanna - Good music, lovely terrace(s) to eat dinner on, good food, good drink, sometimes poor service, far too busy!
cafe del mar
Not as good as it used to be - but its part of the Ibiza experience IMO

bora bora
Never seen a sunset there - but pure carnage - a must

I like it a lot - even though I have embarrassed my self a lot there

very cool and chilled (never been when there is a foam party or anything like that)


very nice for late drinking


Not my favourite....

cafe del mar: A bit dated methinks and only ever busy at sunset

bora bora: dance drink sunbathe dance drink sunbathe dance drink sunbathe you get the picture - really good atmosphere - I don't mind shaking my wobbly bits in my bikini here at all!!!

mambo's: service was OK when we went but prices are my big moan.

kanya:- didn't go this year and can only vaguely remember going in 2001 - I'd had a few mojhitos hic!!

coastline:- OK I suppose- I prefer the intimacy of the smaller sunset bars.

savanna:- great to watch sunset, great Sangria, but dire food and service in 2001 and 2003.

Kasbah:- Can I count this one as a sunset bar?? If so - lovely! Really tasty food served by nice girlies! And really nice margharitas (sp)
cafe del mar .... The original and the best + open all year

bora bora .... Isn't it sunrise not sun set? + Best party beachin the world

mambo's .... Too hyped & too expensive

kanya .... Used to be good but live football??? Excellent on Garlands days

coastline ....Posh-ish but no soul

savanna .... Crap food brought out too quickly. Nice little club though.

ksixty posted this subject way back in june. ksixty hasn't been on here for months :rolleyes: :p

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Robo said:

ksixty posted this subject way back in june. ksixty hasn't been on here for months :rolleyes: :p

btw the next post is ur 1000th post.... :p :p ;)
I know he hasn´t been here for months, but I think it´s time to show up. :)