Quick Top 5.....Milfs


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Requires serious consideration. Will get back to you on that one

I shall leave on this note however;



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what an amazing threat :)

just ask DanishDynamite and let's see what he'll answer - he's an MILF EXPERT ! 8) :D 8) :D


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Nish... two top choices. I have said many times before that Angelina could very well turn me lesbian :p

What about:

purrrrrrrrr 8) She has two children I believe.


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Two? Tis one senorita darling ;)

Cindy was the bomb back in the day :lol: Along with Heather Locklear :twisted:.

Elle McPherson's got kids hasnt she?


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Jennifer Connelly
Cindy Crawford
Heidi Klum
Denise Richards
...can't think of a 5th, but I wouldn't mind making Elisha Cuthbert a milf!!!!