Question for you guys ..



Always wondered this .. and it must be particularly worry for you all in such a place as Ibiza with all those lovely ladies ( or guys depending on your persuasion ) ... ( or BOTH ) ...

but ...

What do ya do if you get a stiffy on the beach? Quickly run like a mad man into the sea .. yelling "Come onnnnn you boring lot" towards your fellow friends to try and distract them from your bulge ?
Credit us with a bit of self control would you, good lord, we're not all raving perverts you know.

However, I tend to just lay on my front to sunbathe. :D :D
Happened to a friend of mine a couple of years back. I don't think he realised it cause he was lying on one of those sun loungers half asleep in full view for everyone. We even took pictures of it - still get a good laugh out of it now.
I'm usually asleep on beach ;)

Some dickhead last year didn't stop at getting a stiffy he considered it prudent to whip it out and wave it in peoples faces.

He avoided our group, which was the best choice he made that day.

This was on Bora Bora.
Well if your a confident man you just chill out and relax and go about your business. It will go away shortly. If you bug out and worry about it and try to force it away, well, you are looking forward to an ackward situation.
I ALWAYS get one on the bus -just before my stop!!!! Must be something with the area! I had to stay on the bus for 3 extra stops once!
*Saffy* said:
Aghhhhh ... least we females are tucked away !


usually the only "tucking" women away is a piece of string up there ass...

LOL nish .. poor you ! Mind it makes the eyes of the regular ladies on the bus, twinkle!

jigsaw ... sadly that wont be what I'm gonna be wearing - tho I love thongs/ g-strings as underwear, I really can't see my getting away with it on the beach ! (Not that I have a fat arse or anything!)
it got so regular that I have devised a sly way of swinging my bag round to cover up any embarrasment! I used to streak my block for bets! How times have changed

I went to my first footie match the other month ( Sheff Utd V Nottingham Forest ) and would have LOVED to have run topless across the pitch .. had I been younger! Tis a damn shame I get all this cheeky confidence now I'm too old to do it ..
Cant imagine myself streaking on a pitch full of males for some reason! - Cheerleaders tho! Nice :)

I am random, must sort that out!
i always tend to get them in exams i do at school for some unknown reason. i think its the adrenaline or something.
do a Kevin and Perry...pull yourself down the beach leaving a trench where u been
I roll over ( very carefully).

Either that or sit up and grab the paper for a bit. Try and find an article on David Mellor.