Playa d'en Bossa Hotel recommendation


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I'm about to book my hotel for the opening parties, staying in Playa d'en Bossa for the first time. Found two cheap hotels but which is better?

Mare Nostrum or Club Can Bossa?

Read some good things about Club Can Bossa but no air con or fridges in the rooms apparently

Read some good and some bad things about Mare Nostrum, but I think it does have air con (although extra charge) and a fridge (really like to have cold beers).

Can anyone confirm this?
Has anyone stayed in either?

Both are about the same price and both are half board, but not to fussed about the quality of the food, as will prob miss most of it (especially breakfast ;)) and not a picky eater.

Cheers all.

I never heard of club can bossa but me and girlfriend stayed at mare nostrum in august last year.

Seriously, its crap hotel, full of spainish/italian teenagers, made a lot of noise at night. The room was like £16pppn B&B at blackpool lol, very basic, no fridge but you can hire one but there is very little room for fridge. All rooms are fitted with climate control but the termostat wasn't work so it blows at same temp all the time.

Basic stay is B&B, but we paid extra for HB, we wished we didn't, the food were really crap, poorly cooked and soaked with fat. Imagine a tray with sausages half fill with fat........we stopped eat there after 2nd night

Worst hotel ever I've been in my life. I would neve go this hotel again even for £5 a week lol

I know its probably not what you want to hear. I went for this hotel cos it was cheapest I could find
kippo gps hotels are ok basic if your on a budget.algarb is fine for what you pay.i used to always stay there untill lastyear.i have now found another hotel costs a bit more.but now i am happy.aircon in all gels ect in bathroom.but no fridge.thats 50 euro a week to hire.

you might be better off getting a s.c place to jet/sal rossa/tivoli/migjorn/ or try garbi hotel.other than that your better of in a least you will get fed.again no fridges.apart from garbi.

i stay in a sirenis hotel in pdb.bit the fiesta hotels are nice as well.i guess its all down to money and wether you wish/s/c or hotel.algarb does just room only or b/b or f/b h/b.if you just book b/b you can eat out then.

loads of options .check this site for a good list of places to stay.
we stayed at the Tivoli i think the other year and for the price we thought it was actually ok

Ibiza virgin here but is this place anygood?
3 of us are looking at going so we would book a "triple room" wether that means its just a double with a fold out bed I dont know but we are just looking for somewhere to sleep, not get our stuff nicked and clean :lol:
Seems almost too good to be true that we are paying roughly £80 each for a week.
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well when i stayed here twice years ago its was run by fiesta group.then it was sold to a private group.then they sold it to gps.

but the rooms i had were fine.two beds in one room.and settee;s in living room that doubles up as beds.
woody, should you be giving information about a place that has changed hands twice since you were there years ago?
well yes and no.i had a look last year at the rooms and eating area.for which they are still the same.just a lick of paint and new stuff in eating area come downstairs lounge.

as you know i do visit most hotels and apts in pdb.infact i even get vip tours as well.once a place has had a refit.
Been browsing all week at work ;) so ive looked into a fair few. I would go with a Jet place but they are booked up for the only time we can go (8/9th of June till 15/16th).

What about Vistamar I Apartments? Had some decent reviews but is the room they say is ok for 3 people really going to be ok for 3 full grown men?

Also using this site to book it I would really only pay 45 euro now and have to pay the rest (190 odd) when we get there? Pretty much the reverse of everyother site but sounds pretty good to me.

Edit: Ha and it seems its right next to Tivoli but a tiny bit closer to the beach!
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wow a matter of a few extra feet to beach.nice block of underneath.very small pool used to be owned by a english couple i knew,but now its a italian eating place and bar.

if you can get a the right room in the Tivoli you get some very good veiws.
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Every little helps! :lol:

Was just something I noticed, it more the fact its cheaper by a small amount and all the reviews seem to be very good where as Tivoli is a mixed bag. Also Tivoli the way we would be booking it would mean we have to pay arounf £400 up front then 200 ish my mid march.

We are going to see what the travel agents can offer us (to make my internet fearing friend feel better :p) on saturday but I reckon this site+easy jet might trump them.
i stayed in algarb the 1st year after it was sold to gps, i thot it was nice, we were all inclusive and the food was fine + great view from our room.
last year (2009) i stayed in the ebano and again it was nice, very good infact for teh price we paid.
i took a walk up to have a nosy at the algarb where i had stayed the year before (2008 ) and it had seemed to have got a big make over inside in the lobby etc and it looked well.
im actually considering going back to algarb this year all inc.