Pikes 2020


IIRC they definitely had gravy. can't remember the exact price but think somewhere between 25-30€ possibly? my last pikes sunday roast was a few summers ago
Yeah I think it was about €25 I think last year. And it was really good! Decent Yorkshire puds too.


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Just booked a table for dinner and you still have to confirm whether you want standard seating or outside seating. Standard being the restaurant part im assuming, so id guess whatever table you book then thats yours for the night. Tough one as i want to eat in the restaurant but have drinks outside ?. Oh well, really looking forward to it anyway


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i was awaiting a reply from Pikes regarding poolside seating areas and in the meantime Poolside bookings seem full for every Sunday in July & August :mad::rolleyes:


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September & October fully booked too.........Makes me think they aren't actually booking poolside areas for Sundays anymore?!?!?!?!? ?