Pete Tong

I heard him @ Radio One outdoor stage and @Privelege last year and both times I thought he was pretty good
Pete Tong's radio show is excellent. he starts the weekend with style.

I've seen him play three times in Ibiza. Twice he was inside at Space and both times he was, as Robo pointed out, boring (and miserable with it). In fact he was worse than that, he was disasterously mundane and managed to make each tune sound exactly the same. Two of the worst sets Ive ever heard

The third time was at Pacha last summer. It bodes well for Friday Nights this summer that the booth at Pacha really suits him. He plays quite hard, vocal, bouncy music and seemed to be having a ball.

You go figure
I've never heard Tong live but I've got a couple of his essential mixes recorded.

His essential mix from the terrace @ Space in August 2001 was recorded live and although the tunes were more my cup of tea he managed to seriously mess up one particular mix which resulted in the crowd giving him some stick.

His essential mix from inside Space in August 2002 was harder but didn't really have much behind it.

I would like to see him live though.
Tongy is either hit or miss, I've seen him on the terrace @ Space and he absolutely rocked the place and also last year I saw him play a couple of good sets at Pacha for Perfecto. But then I have seen him other times, once at GCSSS and the other at another festival and it was the biggest pile of poo I had ever heard, just droned on and didn't go anywhere.

Will be interesting to see what he plays at Pacha like on Fridays, imo he isn't a big enough consistent name to want to drag me back there wk after wk, I'm just interested in who the guests are going to be. Heard a little rumour that one wk was Danny T :?:
The thing about Tong is he's done so well for himself because he's on radio 1. He also can predict which tunes are going to be big.
I haven't ever seen him live, but I would like to. Did you say that he usually plays at Pacha on Fridays? Was it that way last summer or something, I don't remember seeing it on the calendar, but then again I wasn't really looking at Fridays.
pete tong played at pacha on alternate tuesdays last year with oakenfold. The night was called Perfecto/Essential.

Pete tong is playing every Friday for Pacha's 30th b-day celebration..
rate him

who of my fav dj's also put a smile on my face.
he also did the sound track to human traffic.

rate him up their as one of the best.

will be missed
Cool! I will have to go and see him on Friday, June 27th then! (if I can still stand by that point) :D Yes, I knew that he did the soundtrack to Human Traffic, I liked that movie as well. Umm, does anyone know if and when Oakenfold will be in Ibiza this summer? I know the schedule hasn't been set yet, but does anyone have any idea?
I saw Pete Tong in the Red Box in Dublin a couple of years ago. Tong and Carl Cox were playing the same night for the affter show party for the MTV music awards. Tong was upstairs in the Red Box and Cox was in POD. I normally prefer POD and Cox but Tong wrecked the Red Box that night. He was class!!!
So I was checking Pete Tong's schedule for Ibiza on the Radio 1 website.... He is playing the day before we arrive and the day after we leave... Everytime I go somewhere I seem to miss Tong by a day..... Last time I was in Miami, he played the day before I arrived @ Crobar....

Pete, what are you avoiding me?????
in my personal opinion i love tong have seen him loads of times i admit that there are times when he has been shocking and cant mix for toffee creamfields 2000 and 2002 on the outdoor stage he was rubbish. yet in ibiza last year i saw him on the space terrace which was AWESOME and still listen the the essential mix of it now u2 will always live with me as wil the atmosphere on the terrace when he dropped it at the end of his set! and i saw him at pacha which again was good admittedly both sets were almost identical but two wicked nights were had!!!