party-defining tunes (old and new)


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Petite histoire on that Nørus track:

I submitted it onørus/Make-a-Move/ as an interpollation of Tomossini's Another Dimension but it didn't pass the almighty moderator:

Of course I replied with some supporting information but unfortunately didn't receive another response.

It may be a long stretch but to my ears sample source is the same.
Nørus doubled the pitch, added a lo-fi effect and repeats the last bar (whereas Tomossini lets the melody fade away).
It's quite clear when comparing Nørus 0:15 -> 0:20 with Tomossini 0:16 -> 0:26.

Just my two cents.
Il get a better listen to this when I get a chance but I must admit at first glance I don't hear it