party-defining tunes (old and new)


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which conveniently brings us on to a bona fide Detroit beast. one for the dark, small rooms. Never did get to see Atkins play. 3 times he was booked in London at things I had planned and 3 times he pulled a sickie. very much of its era but still sounds amazing to my ears

Huge record back in the day. Sounded incredible on the old Sub Club sound system


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^ for real - killer label

coincidentally I got to know the guy who used to co-run Imperial Dub at a bar last year. Since moved away to the Andalucian hills. A few hippy-ish things going on down there I hear...
That's very interesting.. we had two of the guys from the tribe around here years ago . Cory Cook I think and someone one called -- - - - Black as surname not colour or Race before anyone chokes on their cornflakes...
What a time if they do some little parties