Pacha DJane wanted!


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hi cubbling people..

anyone know something about the pacha djane? she was doing a great job on the 4. october?
name? pictures? anything?

no - i dont wanna pick her up, just interested.. she seemed _very_ professional and had a great set...
the only good thing about that not-even-half-crowded-evening...

i'm counting on you.

enjoy!! ;)

She definitely rocks, had me dancin' for 6 hours solid in June. Knows exactly how to work a crowd. I was very impressed! :D

She's HOT! :p :p

When does she spin? And im NOT askin cuz i wanna pick her up...if yall r sayin shes good then i wanna hear her stuff...ah who am i kiddin, i wouldnt mind jottin down some her digits...heh ;).

Who do u all think is the hottest dj in the world?

Girl: i'd have to say Lottie...very cute wif prob the sexiest voice ive ever heard

Guy: prob kleinenberg and tiesto...they always had hoochies all over them after their sets...but after seeing morales, i dont know...the DUDE IS KUT!!!

Follow up question: has anyone ever picked up a dj? girl or dont matter