Over 30's Clubbers!!!!!!!

CraigyBoy said:
I'm off to Ibiza on Sept 12th for a wild week with two mates who are in their 20's and have recently rediscovered my clubbing social life following a long term relationship break up and subsequent divorce. I'll be 33 a couple of weeks before I go and although I don't look my age I'd hate to feel like "the old one" when out reliving my lost youth!!!!

Please set my mind at rest that I'll be amongst fellow clubbers of a similar age!!!

craigyboy, don't feel no way about your age, i'm 33 and i've been going to ibiza since 1989 and i've never felt too old, i too don't look my age - it must be all that white island magic ;)
no need to worry. Ibiza town & certain clubs are aimed at the older more educated clubber. Clubbing in San An is for the younger generation.
dont worry about it your only as old as u feel!!!!!

me and my mate who are in our early 20s are going to ibiza on saturday with 2 of our mates who are 32 and 47 and theyre more excited than we are!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a great time
You younguns today!!!

I just came back from Ibiza 2 weeks ago. Was in Pacha midweek, got on the dancefloor at 1.30am and never left til 6.00am!!! No drink, no drugs just very fit.

I returned to Pacha on the Friday, got on the Dancefloor again at 2.00am and danced my heart out till 8.00am!! 6 hours non-stop, again no drink or drugs.

.......and I'm over fifty!!!

.......and still DJing in a residency in the UK. I even got a job DJing in Ibiza, but, the money was crap so I returned to the UK.

Age is only a state of mind!

DJ Soulman 8)
Nice one, Dj Soulman!

I reckon you could teach some of us young 'uns a thing or two!

Been clubbing for over thirty years and still can't get enough of it. Prefer DJing than being a customer though.

DJ Soulman 8)
Dont worry about it. Just remember, pete tong has still got a fair few years on yeh and he's having it large!

do any of you people fancy meeting up in ibiza? pm me... ;)
God I want to go NOW!!!!!! 12 Sept seems like a lifetime away!!!!