Over 30's Clubbers!!!!!!!



I'm off to Ibiza on Sept 12th for a wild week with two mates who are in their 20's and have recently rediscovered my clubbing social life following a long term relationship break up and subsequent divorce. I'll be 33 a couple of weeks before I go and although I don't look my age I'd hate to feel like "the old one" when out reliving my lost youth!!!!

Please set my mind at rest that I'll be amongst fellow clubbers of a similar age!!!
And even older, don't worry about it, age doesn't matter. I saw people all over who were anything upto well into their 50's. I'm still going to be clubbing at 50, no matter what my kids say. :p
Dont worry - I'm 30 and my best mates 34 !!! He's DJ'ing at the Cross , Ancient People e.t.c. and we end up in Ibiza every year - so your definitely not passed it !!!
No worries -- I'm 27, and the youngest of our group going over there, including Mr D, who's an ancient 32.

Ha ha.
my boyfriends gettin stressed about this and he is only 28, he thinks this may be his last year in Ibiza - BEHAVE i keep telling him!!!!
I was 31 yesterday and I'm still at it, my wife is 6 months older than me and we'll be back in Ibiza in September. Our Daughter is nearly 10 so it's only a few years before we go on a "family clubbing holiday".
I really can see this happening.
prog_babe said:
my boyfriends gettin stressed about this and he is only 28, he thinks this may be his last year in Ibiza - BEHAVE i keep telling him!!!!

OOhhh, fancy meeting you here!!!!

Im 29, and i dont care about ma age, im gonna be clubbing for many years to come. If anyone feels their age is a barrier, dont be stoopid, age means nothing :p
If you're still enjoying it and can stand the pace, age is irrelevant!
Me and my wife, along with 4 of our other friends are all going in July. We all turned 30 this year and decided it was the best way to celebrate. We're gonna do the 30's with Pacha. :twisted:
Cheers everyone, feeling less worried now! 11 weeks on Fri and counting..................
Me and bf are going in July, he's 39, and when we go again in september his mates are joining us all between the ages of 38-42. And I hope i'll still be going at that age too!! No worries for you mister! :D
me im still "only" 26, but pushing 27 - and my husband is turning 38 in half a year so no problem! you go have fun, its the inner age that counts!
Over the hill? Never!!!!

I am 38 this year, my husband a young 35 - we're still going out to ibiza each summer, still going strong, and no immediate plans on stopping|!"!!!

There is no "age thing" on ibiza - you are accepted for what and who you are - enjoy! You will soon be over the "breakup" after a week
Im 34, 35 this year... no issue of age in Ibiza, was partying with the legendary Scouse Sid, the guy who brought Cream to the Island, wont tell you his age but he still knows how to enjoy himself. Got back on Sat had a great time, all ages there enjoying themselves... stop stressing ;)
I'm 33.
I think sometimes that the 'yoofs' think I'm too old!
I find it's the under 20 kiddies who are ageist ;)
But, as others have said, you just have to get on and enjoy yourself! :)