Evenin all!

Christ-a-light, only 10 weeks 'til I'm in Ibiza!!! :D:D:D:D:D

But, as all girls can understand, I'm already going through the dilema of what outfits to pack!! Not actually packing my suitcase NOw, mind...

I've read on here that, of course, everyone is an individual and dresses how they feel like going, but .... can anyone give me any good suggestions on what they've found works really well - or not well...

I'm terrified of being too fat for such a beautiful island too!! I've seen so many pictures of really gorgeous women, and wondering (slightly panicky!) if size is really an issue on the island......? It's probably not, but reading people's ideas and experiences would calm me down!!

See you all 22/6/03 - 6/7/03!! :lol: 8)

(Perhaps bikini-clad , who knows!)
Little skirts and tops cos you're going to be hot! And flat or very comfortable shoes! Oh and shades for Space and DC10 - an absolute must :D

hmm let me seeeeeeee....

jeans and top...or tight dress, preferably red and with golden high heels, loads of accessories and nice shades
as your signature says "Never frown, even when you are sad as you never know who is falling in love with your smile"
wear what you want but always wear a smile :D
I may shock some people if I only wore me smile....

Is it a bad idea to take heels with me? Whaddya reckon, I'm a shortarse (5'2), so any extension to my legs is appreciative!!
Luly said:
I may shock some people if I only wore me smile....

Is it a bad idea to take heels with me? Whaddya reckon, I'm a shortarse (5'2), so any extension to my legs is appreciative!!

I always take a pair of heels with me every yr but then end up wearing flip-flops and the like for the whole holiday!

Where your heels with pride if you don't think you'll get achey-breaky feet :D
WeLuvIbiza said:
pack plenty of pvc, you wont go wrong then :D :D

Crikey, that'd be a tad sticky in Ibiza climates! ;)

Basically, anything goes in Ibiza. Most of the people just went for comfy rather than flamboyant as it's so hot.

Just don't wear sunglasses (unless it's daytime) in the clubs or you'll look a bit of a fanny. :lol:
It really is a case of anything goes on Ibiza. Its not like when you're out at home and ppl can be a bit narrow minded bout image especially girls. most ppl on the island are there to dance and have a good time, if they're stylish its just an added bonus.
Stop worrying about size and all that malarky,(altho i know being female its hard not to)- ibiza is full of cool laid back ppl and not everyone is perfection itself in a physical form. you will find the odd poser and what not but i found that these were in the minority.
Flip flops are def the way to go but if you're well used to heels then go for it, just remember that your nights clubbing will prob be alot longer than at home, itl be well daylight by the time you leave a club and your tootsies may well be a bit worst for wear if you've been boppin away all night in your Jimmy Choos!! not to mention the shoes which should need the bin if you've been dancin the way you should be!
Personally id steer well clear of the old PVC......
Pack a few really nice eye catching bikini tops cos you can pair these with almost anything and remember white always looks wicked in clubs.
Once you soak up the atmosphere on the island you'll soon stop worrying bout how you look or what other ppl think bout you and you can just concentrate on having a really good time 8) ;)

Rightey ho, bikini tops galore it is then!!

Something white........ well with 9 weeks left, I better get shopping - blimey wora sad nut.!!

Cheers everybody, any other ideas, let me know!

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! (...and i just can't hide it...)
I can honestly say: commit to comfort. After 10 years of fooling myself into thinking heels/platforms/wedges are appropriate clubbing footwear, I'm packing it in and joining the trainers crew this summer. I'm a shorty as well, but I could care less.
After holiday on top of holiday of mangled feet, I've invested in a pair of loud, obnoxious and quintessentially ME trainers. There's a reason the lads don't wear uncomfortable shoes...
And pack less clothes than more; just pack your favorites. The less you have to choose from, the less faffing about you (and your loved ones) have to put up with. Which means more time for FUN. :D
I think the sun plus love plus general good vibe makes everyone feel beautiful, so the more you feel yourself, the better off you are.
(Plus, all that work us girls put into glittering up before departure lasts all of seven minutes in a sweaty club :p )
and plenty of metallic, shimmery eyeshadows!!!!!!
always look amazin in the sun!!!

well maybe not after partyin 10 hrs!hehe ;)
Darlin' pack a bunch of short skirts and belly baring tops ;)

I bring a couple smokin' pairs of shades (an absolute fashion must for Ibiza), body glitter, sparkly patterns that reflect the lasers, and some body glitter to make my tan look yummy.

Most importantly pack a great attitude and an enormous warm smile... that goes a lot farther than the clothes. :D