✿ One More Time: Ibiza Worker Reunion, 1-5 October 2019

Discussion in 'Summer workers in Ibiza' started by McRackin, Aug 3, 2018.

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    all the details here...


    now then, where is my old filthy gorgeous t-shirt?!
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    After a break of almost ten years, yes TEN years, the Slut team are back.....and moister than ever!

    Myself, Dean Nesmith (Shminky) and Gary (Monkey are beyond excited to be reunited again and to be bringing back this most "wrongest" of Ibiza parties!

    From Space Ibiza to Beverly’s swingers club the Dirty Rotten Slut Party is the definition of how our generation rocked Ibiza! It was absolutely right to be utterly wrong....and oh how it was wrong!

    The kids of today would simply not believe the goings on at the Slut and I can safely say they were the best years of mine and the Dirty Rotten's lives. We even had our own language.....SLLLLOOOOPPP.......PHUUUUUMMMMPH..........and who remembers THAT very randy punch and the FIFTY strong Slut parades down The West End?!?

    So you better start digging out your sloppy gear because it’s time to release your inner slut again boys & girls.

    The sluts are cummin'

    We're about to get "All the way naked!"

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