Onacarom - Music Video Art


I hear siren voices
tempting me
when I walk
a dark corner, a dark corner

But I smile and go my way
without looking back
close to the wall

It's strange
to run way from oneself
when incomplete sensations
congest every moment
and get thick in my blood

How many times did I try
don't trip over that stone
on the roasd
waiting for that blow of my steps
that makes the earth
open under my feet
and suallow my way

If I were that stone
I would keep it in my pocket la la la la
to trhow it into an abyss
when the road becomes my coat

and if I were tht stone
O would keep it in my pocket la la la la x2
I hadn't used my Gibson ES-335 for a long time and that must be because some things about it bored me. One day I started researching on the Internet about the sound differences that could exist between a 335 with Stop bar and a 335 with Tailpiece. The truth is that I did not find much information, but what convinced me the most was they said that guitars with Tailpiece have much less strings tension making them more pleasant to play. They also said that their acoustic abilities improved, etc ... So I decided to give that 335 a change and turn it into something more magical for my taste. I changed first its original Gibson Bridge by a Graphtech Resomax NV PS-8843-C0 https://graphtech.com/collections/resomax-bridges-tune-o-matic And then I removed the Stop Bar and installed a Trapece Tailpiece https://www.thomann.de/gb/abm_1504n_trapeze_tailpiece.htm The installation of a Trapece Tailpiece is not complicated, but it requires a little care not to damage the guitar and checking that everything is well aligned and adjusted Conclusions: By the moment I am really happy with the change and I hope to continue like this



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The Mummy - Closets always contain secrets

I forget it
that i'm alive
and I become a hidden mummy
in a closet, in a closet
that protects me from calendars
and minutes and seconds
filled with yesterday, now and later

I am a bandaged ghost
with the papers of the news
that are the same
always so sad and expert
in repeating over and over again
over and over again
for ever and ever, Amén

This planet
it's a closed circuit

The life, the water and the air we breathe,
everything is past, everything is past

This planet
it's a closed circuit
and the words that we pronounce as they appear
on our role
are already said, are already said, are already said

There is no way to escape this crystal ball
it is the one used by witches
to see what will happen
it's always the same
It's always the same
The Vein - Has this happened to any of you?

I look out of
the white walls
that protect your farewell
while the rain falls slowly
with that calm the tears have
when they cry in silence

Life continues rolling
from foot to foot
and my world
becomes a simple dot
in the mystery of Death

I needed a cigarrette
and went out to smoke
to burn my throat
my fears
my doubts

Then then then
I came back quickly
to that room of the goodbye
and saw your vein
in the neck
stop top stop stop
and sawy your vein
in the neck
stop stop stop stop

and I explode into
in a million of questions
they were the same

did you called me to see you go bye?