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On the pillow of fear

I dreamed
that my feet were chasing
each other
in the dark
among the cracks of a day

I dreamed
that I was flying
over a field
of white faces
that shone
under the light
of a sad moon ...

I dreamed
that I was walking
no walking
it was the Earth
that moved
under my feet

How many flags fighting
against the storms they did

I dreamed
that a street emerged
between night and life
full of people hidden
in the shadows
of their wounds

and that a drum sound
shaking the corners
puting out the streetlights
with the fury of a hydra

and that it was me
the one that ran
between tears and fire

When I dream
on the pillow
of my fears

Onacarom Techno

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Thirst for you, for your mouth, fire that springs from fire

Come close to me
and let me
look at you

Let yourself
be caught up
with me
by the warm of our eyes
our eye

Sun of the soul
that gives me life
upon touching me
Upon touching me

Let your breath come close to mine
and without kissing
let me want it
imagine it

Thirst for you
for your mouth
fire that springs from fir x2

Come close to me
and let me see in your face
all your faces
of yesteryear
and of tomorrow

make my gesture a mirror
and hug me
in silence
slowly slowly slowly

to make the feeling
becomes complete
eternal eternal

image that will remain in time
love that I have
for your love

Thirst for you
for your mouth
fire that springs from fir x2

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The woman that became invisible

The train is leaving
you go in it
I stayed there
wrapped by the coat
you gave me
and that made me invisible
a long time ago
a long time ago

I didn't see your face looking for me
I didn't see your mouth calling me
I didn't see your hand on the glass
leaving a trace
of a try

I didn't see anything
that made me feel good x2
I thought
lost there
on the platform

surrounded by goodbyes
comings and goings
nothing was mine
nothing was mine

I am a tramp
through my destiny
my soul hurts
it hurts my soul x2

and although the air
smells of wood
it smells bitter to me

of dreams that burn
of hands that
do not-do not caress
to lips that become dry
'cayse their unspoken words x2

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50 Minutos para 10 Blues Backing Tracks - 10 Backing Tracks en diferentes tonos

La lista de tonos de las 10 backing tracks

00:00 Blues Backing Track 1 in A
05:00 Blues Backing Track 2 in G
10:00 Blues Backing Track 3 in Bb
15:00 Blues Backing Track 4 in E
20:00 Blues Backing Track 5 in G
25:00 Blues Backing Track 6 in B
30:00 Blues Backing Track 7 in F#
35:00 Blues Backing Track 8 in E
40:00 Blues Backing Track 9 in E
45:00 Blues Backing Track 10 in Cm

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Whispers of madness - Nostalgic guitar journey - Marcus Nalgaber playing D’Angelico Excel Mini DC

Best regards,

Marcus Nalgaber

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The Red Coat

When I'll die
my love
do not tell anyone x 2

I don't want they comb my hair
or paint my lips
and make up
my face

Don't let they put me in a coffin
I couldn't call you
if i wake up

Take me in your car
to the forest
where lives the tree wearing our names
and leave me sitting
under its branches

just put
a coat on me
to have no cold
while Time
erases me 2

The red one
that gives so much life
to the paleness
of my face

And when you'll go
I will become a red rose
having to discover
how not to be
missing you

Onacarom Techno

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The night calls me
It's time
to walk again
in my shadows

the cold makes me
go fast fast fast
even not knowing
where to arrive

and while I walk
I get carried away
by the rhythm
of emptiness

One two one two
my steps

that make me find
the hidden mirrors on my way
to pick up
the tinny pieces
of myself
there and there
there and there

Here is a piece of heart
a glance
a laugh
a tear
a whisper

How to rebuild a mirage
I am a creature
of Frankenstein

one two two two
a little jump
to my childhood
one two two two

How to rebuild a mirage
I am a creature
of Fankenstein