Odyssey 24 Hour Opening @ USHUAÏA & HÏ


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According to Damian Lazarus Instagram he'll play from 3:00 to 4:30, so the timetable in the Theatre will be something like this:

00:00 - 1:30 Adam Port
1:30 - 3:00 Adriatique
3:00 - 4:30 Damian Lazarus
4:30 - ? Richie Hawtin
? - 12:00 Tale of Us

It means 7 hours and a half for Richie & ToU...
richie plays a normal length set. TOU have the extended one.


Is it just me or are the pictures/videos of the TOU set on social media currently looking a bit empty in the theatre at HI?


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okay here's some feedback

went to odyssey for the last hour of ushuaïa first (got in just before 23h) - ushuaïa was very very busy, but still bearable. ToU playing their usual stuff but it worked well and stage looked cool. at midnight everyone streamed over to hï which turned into massive queues. I waited for a bit also because I was waiting for a friend to arrive. in the end we got into hï at about 2. got a little of adriatique (it was just tall/dark adi this time), a bit of damian lazarus and then also a bit of mathew jonson over in club room. apart from that I was chatting lots. during the night there definitely were locals around. I didn't stay for too long though. I've heard it got less busy after sunrise but after seeing some of the videos I also think it was still a decent number of punters in there. some friends weren't so sure about ToU's morning set (musically speaking) but also on the vids it looks as if it was their usual style to me.

hi was obviously extremely busy, it's a smaller venue than ushuaïa and thus felt more packed than ushuaïa to me. musically odyssey was really good overall.