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I've recently been getting a hell of a lot of private messages asking questions about accommodation, jobs, meeting new people, how to 'fit in' etc and I'm very sorry but frankly don't have time to answer all your questions or messages individually...

SOOOO.... if you would like to ask a Question please post here and I will post the Answer, no need for thank yous or responses unless it's a specific new question, otherwise things will get lost! This will save me continually having to answer the same questions1

I was just starting to feel a little guilty for ignoring people or taking ages to respond!

Sure a few other of the previous seasoners may also be able to post a helpful tip or two as well :)


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Question: two of my mates just let me down, should i smash it out alone?

Answer: My first season I went out alone. I met a few workers the year before and ended up for my first four days staying with a guy I'd met 3 times before for a total of an hour. I soon found a flat with 5 other girls and met people through work and just talking in the pub. Go out alone but be prepared to get there and then find an aprtment. You will get the opportunity for drinks with people before you choose one and meet other people. Head to the Ship Inn and introduce yourself to one of the staff, they will give you advice on apartments and work and introduce to people they know. Within 1 week I can guarentee you will have met a good 30 people you really like. If still nervous give yourself in your head 2 weeks out there. if it doesn't go well it's only a £100 flight home, but it will go well, and i guarentee you won't want to leave


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decided im going to quit my job and head out to ibiza this summer for work and the chance to have a good summer before i get too old (im 26 lol) my question is , just how easy is it going out there alone and find accom and job working in the bars?im nervous about giving up my job on a gamble that i may not find work or accomodation with some people, thanks for the reply :)


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Question: How easy is it finding accommodation alone?

Answer: VERY!

Question: Where can I look for solo accommodation?

Answer: The Ship Inn at the top of the West End has a massive notice board with adverts on there. You will walk in and see atleast 5 that macth your specification on any one day, text or ring the person number and meet them for a beer, voila, problemo sorted. You could also try the Workers Accommodation which is just across the square from the Ship Inn next to Space shop. When people have a spare room in any of the apartments, they will try and help the people fill them and can give you a few options. Option C would be finding accommodation before you go...a lot of people advertise spaces in this facebook group:

Question: How easy is it to find bar work?

Answer: If you mean working behind a bar you most likely will need to go very early in the season, ask in every single bar or get very lucky and be in the right place at the right time. If you mean working as a PR outside a bar, that's a lot simpler. Most bars in the West End will offer you a trial with no questions asked. Go to the bars around 9-10pm in the evening and speak with the managers. If you don't ASK you don't GET. Try to be confident and just ask if they need more staff!

Question: Is 26 too old? (More inferred)

Answer: NO. I did my first season as 22, second at 23. My friends their rage in age from 19-38 with a good proportion being in the 26-30 age range. This doesn't then include the other people I'm friendly with and see and chat to but wouldn't necessarily head down the beach with. These range up to about 65! The main thing is that you are comfortable socialising and speaking to anyone of any age.


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one last question- how much would you advice to take out there with you,i dont want to scrimp and scrape for the time im there looking for work etc,once agan thank you for such a helpful reply.


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Question: How Much money should I take out?

Answer: Rent & Deposit - 600-700euros, Food per week while you look for work - 30euros, Cigarettes - 3-4euros a packet, Socialising to make new friends - 30-100euros per week, Travelling around on buses - 3 euros each way (avg), Opening Parties - 20-50 euros per ticket (you may pick up some workers tickets for cheaper if you hang around a lot and speak to PRs)
Basically it all depends on how careful you are with money and how quickly you look for work. If you look properly you should be able to get a job trial within 3 days of landing. If you go and get drunk every night and put it off, you'll be looking a lot longer. My first season I went out with £2000 which I gradually spent over the summer, I started work within an hour of landing and moved into an apartment within 48 hours. But that's because I took the risk of taking a job off someone I had met a few times before whilst on holiday. Last season I took £600 out and then got another £500 or so a week later. But then I managed to twist my landlords arm into giving us a few days to come up with the rent. I started work then within 3 days even if it was just odd shifts on and off. Your number of shifts in May - Mid June might not be full time so be prepared for that. You may only get 4 shifts a week, then 6 after Mid June.


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Been offered a job (trial) with Ibiza All Stars in a ticket seller/PR capacity, can't really find much info on them apart from their own Facebook etc, do you know or know of anybody who had had any experiences good or bad working for them ? Or just info about them in general would be appreciated ! Thanks


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Questions: Who are Ibiza All Stars and are they good or bad to work for?

Answer: I only became aware of Ibiza Allstars last summer (that may have been when they started, I dont know). I have always assumed, although never looked into them, that they sell package deals or boat trips. If they do package deals are normally PreBar-Freetransport-ClubTicket. Workers generally get 10euros per ticket sold, but often (not specifically heard this about All Stars) tourists complain about being ripped off, and often it can be hard to sell the benefits for around 25euros more to the tourist. If it's boat parties there is now a lot of competition in this, BUT they are very popular. I did meet one lad who worked or Ibiza All Stars at a party in Es Vedra last year and he loved it. At the end of the day a trial is a trial. For them AND for you. If you don't like it you can go try and find another trial. It won't be the be all and end all of your summer.


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I was wondering what the deal was with a few things like bank account and health care etc. I bank with Barclays in the UK, would I be best staying with them as I hear they have branches in Ibiza. As for health care, should I get annual travel insurance to cover any issues I may have over the season or do I need to sort something else out?

Thanks for any light you can shed :)


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Question: What should I do for banking in Ibiza?
Answer: Firstly I kind of need to know what services you require from a bank. If it'd just to withdraw funds you have saved in England then what myself and all of my friends do is just use their english bank account. I you factor in the costs of transferring money from an English to Spanish bank account then the cost of just withdrawing from an English account is just minimal. If you bank with Santander in the UK then you can withdraw funds for free from your british account at the Santander bank at the bottom o the West End in San An. Most jobs in Ibiza will pay you cash, so realistically you won't need a spanish account to get paid from your job. Again if you plan on saving money whilst you are there then most people tend to just save cash, and if you get a sizeable amount send it home with a trusted friend or family member who visits. Good luck saving money in Ibiza anyway. In terms of any money I've ever saved, I've always given it to a trusted friend, such as my boss who has a safe, to look after. I did read on here that one of the banks allows you to open an account without an NIE...but tbh everyone I know in Ibiza, Including those who live there all year round, don't have a bank account. Maybe all my friends are just crazy paupers though, who knows. I you really want to open a spanish bank account, I'm sure one of the all year round residents will be able to advise on this.

Question: What do I do about Health Care?
Answer: I'm assuming here that you are British. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST THAT YOU GET THE EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD (EHIC) BEFORE YOU GO. Previously called the E1-11 it means that the NHS will cover you for emergency medical care in another european country. A good example of this is last year both myself (British) and an Australian friend got admitted to hospital will heart problems within a few days of each other. I got completely free treatment on showing them my card. She got a bill of over 2000 euros. Secondly, get travel insurance to cover you for the whole period. YOu will be able to get a good level of cover or 4 months for around £50. This is important because if you get hurt and need flying back to the UK, or god forbid, die and your parents want your body back the EHIC will not cover you. Also important to note that travel insurance doesn't cover you if you are drunk or on drugs, the EHIC does for emergency care. So they work perfectly hand in hand. The EHIC is also useful i you get something simple like an infection that needs antibiotics (quite common in 4/5 months of hitting it hard). It's hard (but not impossible) to get antibiotics without seeing a doctor, with the EHIC you can go to the local clinic, see a doctor, and get a prescription.

There are other options in terms of health cards you can get if you have a NIE and contract, but again I don't know much about this and you would need to ask someone elses advise.


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Working as hairdresser?

Hi.. I'm a freelance hairdresser in uk.. Was wondering if I came over to Ibiza for a couple of months I could work in a salon/freelance hairdressing?


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What's the most important things to include in your cv? Do you need to put grades an all that? Thanks


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Question: Can I get work as a hairdresser for the season in Ibiza?

Answer: I've met quite a few hairdressers over in Ibiza, but those who are just working seasonally haven't tended to use it as their sole source of income but have done cuts on the side for other workers for extra cash. This could be down to their dedication or through lack of a need. Last year a girl I lived with could do 2-3 cuts a day at 3-10euros per person. I'd recommend bringing clippers if you have some as it's a lot more in demand for the boys!

Question: What the most important things to include in your cv?

Answer: I've never actually handed a CV in anywhere in Ibiza. Lots of places (and I have seen this happen) have just thrown them in the bin after theyve been handed in! The places I have seen asking for CVs often want a photograph of you too depending on the time of work. If it was me, (and I actually work in recruitment so have a lot of CV writing experience!) I would do the following....
- Keep it to one side of A4
- Your personal profile section will be most important - describe why you would be good at that kind of work, describe your personality, be original and try to be very honest, the more memorable or interesting or wacky the more you will stand out.
- If you have education and qualifications if it's not relevant to the job then just be brief, I have a law degree and I can't say it's ever been of interest to any of my Ibiza employers!
- Make sure you have a Spanish mobile phone number on there, even if it means printing them out once you arrive and get a phone!
- Always hand your CV into the manager directly, ask when they will be around if necessary, having a face to the piece of paper will massively improve your chances!


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first: thanks for your quick reply to every question wednesday23 :)

1) to get a NIE you need an valid address, right? in other words you have to submit a copy of your contract from your landlord, right? (some shared flats are without a contract for every flat mate :( )
2) do they employ usually just workers with a NIE or is this legal way of employment uncommon? (no explication between legal and illegal necessary, i just would like to know the common way on the island ;) )
3) do people usually print their NIE on the CV or is it a number you should keep because its quiet personalized?
4) does a board for higher level jobs/ management postion exist like the bar work board in ship inn?



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Hi, I am planning on flying out to ibiza at the start of July to look for work and hopefully stay till the end of the season. How hard will it be to find work in July? Would come out earlier but can't!



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All the recruitment days are happening around now but thats not to say its impossible to find work. People quit, get sacked, go home etc. Just be prepared to have to work a little harder. We're adding jobs here every day:


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Question: How hard is it to find work in July?

Answer: Easy peasy! My frst year I went out June 30th and found work very easily. (and had multiple jobs throughout the summer). As acidliam said, lots of people go home or quit by then. If anything I found it harder to find regular work in May. Shifts are often not as frequent until things get busier.


1. Do you make enough money to support accommodation, nights out and food comfortably?

2. Do you get to enjoy the attractions of Ibiza such as Bora Bora beach parties, the sunset at Mambo, the bigger nights out?

3. What type of hours do you work?