New Oakenfold mix


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Lets not slag Oakey anymore, he did create the Big Brother theme tune (which is still being used I think) after all LOL


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whilst djing he had a mate 'search' the crowd for some 'female entertainment' for after his set.... (i was actually shown a room that had a bed in it backstage...!???) VILE VILE DISGUSTING PIGFACED MAN.....he is gross.... & a tosser!

so you're saying you shagged oakenfold then?! :lol::lol:



Oakenfold was warming up/supporting Madonna when i went last week.

He was absolutely terrible, everyone was just cringing at him. It was like a BIGGEST FUNKY HOUSE HITS 2009 slbum being played...but with worse mixing.

He really needs to hang up his headphones now.