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Hey ya'll

Paul Oakenfold is coming out with a new 2cd mix on tues next week called "Perfecto Vegas".
I have a link to a teaser you guys can download here :):

Sounds like he is returning to his roots... kinda deep and melodic.
On his website is says he put focus on the less pop-leaning, more “classic Oakey” sound reminiscant of his 2004 release of Creamfields. What do you guys think?

Did anyone catch his set at Electric Daisy Carnival in LA last weekend btw?? Pretty awesome!

// oakie dork :lol:
imo, it all started going wrong when he got in with arch-kunt bono... thereafter the fame all went to his head

I didn't mind the perfecto fluoro comp, which was really well assembled - but the general trend after around 94 was downhill. Increasingly pompous, arrogant, and with an ever more repugnant taste for the hollywood cock. He declined SO MUCH to the point he couldn't even be bothered to mix in his DJ sets anymore.

it's a real shame because from 89-92 - some of his productions and remixes were trully brilliant - esp the happy mondays, jesus love you, massive attack etc
Its the fact that he openly admitted in Mixmag that he doesnt care about djing , he'd rather earn a **** load doing film scores etc . I dont know why ppl book him to play when he clearly doesnt care
I'm over Hyde Park Saturday where 'Oakey' is treating us to an afternoon set which is awfully kind of him. Probably as he is due to check in at Heathrow 5pm where he hot tails out of the country with his bag of loot.

I will pass on all your comments and report back Monday.
1 of them either him or Ferry Corsten can't remember remixed Madonna's 'for a girl' all those years ago and its lush!
I.M.O Oakie started to slip in the early 2000's. One of his best essential mixes has to be live at Creamfields 1999. I will still check him out if was playing when i'm in Ibiza, but this year sadly he's playing the week before I get there for one date at Pacha.
- some of his productions and remixes were trully brilliant - esp the happy mondays, jesus love you, massive attack etc

8) he was great back then........

but he is VILE VILE man.. i meet him maybe 7years ago when he played @ a party here in melbourne that i was also working at...... whilst djing he had a mate 'search' the crowd for some 'female entertainment' for after his set.... (i was actually shown a room that had a bed in it backstage...!???) VILE VILE DISGUSTING PIGFACED MAN.....

he is gross.... & a tosser!

(but i loved him back in the early 90's.... music wise)
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