New Disco Kandi ...



Had a quick nose and I don't think this has been covered ...

Who has it? What do you think?

I was soooooo excited when we got it home on Friday .. put it on the cd player straight away .. and straight to CD 2 Track 12 (Milk and Sugar ... Let the Sunshine In .. Terrace Mix) .. oh yes, there was I, a dancing round the patio ...

Gotta admit .. CD1 is more laid back than I would have liked but hey, tis soulful and meaty!
Used to buy nearly all the Hed kandi releases but havent lately, i just wait until they go in the HMV 3 for 20 quid sale ;)
I know I know ... but we're collecting the whole chabang from the Hed Kandi stable and we HAVE to get em as soon as possible .. usually on the day that they are released ..
We managed to get all the ones we HADN'T got through HMV sale, but now we're up to date totally.
SO if you got em all just wait a couple of months and get 'em cheaper ;)

I used to do that.....had every ministry annual, every essential selection, every global underground, every ministry session to the point i was just buying albums to keep a collection gong. Saw sense and flogged all the crap ones though :)
monkehUK said:
in the age of soulseek/kazaa etc, why buy?? :?: :rolleyes:

God no ... If you really love a track/label then you want the real thing .. The proper cover/etc etc ...

Mike's a completist N8 .. Hed Kandi is very important to both of us .. it's what set us off on this scene TOGETHER, as in the past we have had different tastes in music ... If he's gonna collect a label or artist, he usually has to have the lot ..
For instance, George Clinton and Prince ... he has everything on 12", 7", picture disk, cd ... etc., etc., and all the off shoot groups/artists from said pair ... May sound nutty, but he sure has a bloomin good collection.
went hmv solidly every week for the past month asking for this, They never got it in! -Its always 'next week mate'"!
haha, even if you don't buy from them, are really handy for seeing release dates etc

Disco Kandi

Pretty good CD anyway and some really standout tracks on there as always. BTW, for those of you that love the CD,s did you know that you can buy some of the covers as limited prints...

yer i did know that but the prices are !!!

wish he did some £3 posters or something i could afford instead ;]

as for buying cds, i get all the hed kandi ones. If its something worth paying for then i will

I use soulseek to get hold of stuff that i don't think is worth the cost or usually just to get hold of tracks that are out on vinyl

I think the real reason for cd sales is the rather silly price compared to the cost of making them and the fact there is so much bad music put out. Thats why i feel justified in paying for the good stuff cause its so rare to see it on the shelves.

There are so many carbon copies of stuff and the compilations are so commercial (ministy of sound anyone) and as for the main chart music its the same stuff being churned out all the time, I think buyers are wising up to it.
if you come down to BED we will bring down some posters to give away, make sure you come up and see me.... and it wont even cost you a penny!!!
OOOh Jonesy .. what a bloomin enticement to get there now. (Will just come on my own if MrM can't make it!)

Save me one pleaseeeeeeeeee .... I'll pop and see you .... you upstairs in Stereo Sushi again?
Do you lot KNOW how excited I am about this night ?

I didn't know what to expect in September ... I obviously knew it would be musically good but didnt know how it would be played ..

I can't even begin to start ... it was THE BEST night I've had in Bed ... the second best was Morillo back in June 2002 ... Hed Kandi TOTALLY and UTTERLY suits Bed and the Bed crowd.

I and others on the Bed Board have been on at the Management to get this night up in Sheffield for months ... am over the moon we have it now !

I have such a big smile on my face ! ! !