My New Tattoo!


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On a forearm note - I had these huge blacked out rings put on my arm not so long ago and frequently get asked by gay men whether they're fisting markers (without a hint of irony). :lol:

I despair, honestly! :lol: :eek:
They should use the ones above. 'It was quite a night - I'd barely said hello and he was in me up to Aviici!' :lol:


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Argh - tattoo design nearing completion. It's MASSIVE and I'm scared.

Fast becoming unemployable and undatable. :confused: :lol:


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Ouch ouch ouch - tattoo under way now.

Grand total of five sessions between October and February...constantly drained, scabby, fatigued and feeling like I'm recovering from an operation.

Have been completely absent minded too because the shock of the first session made me leave my body completely.

It's the thin needles that hurt the most - the thinner the needle, the bigger the being carved up with a scalpel. :rolleyes:

Moan over - thrilled with results so far.