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I am staying in Playa Den Bossa in July this year, stayed in San Antonio last year.

Spent most of the time at the beach/clubs last year, and really want to do some sight seeing etc, jet skiing, boat trips etc this time.

What is the scuba diving like? Can anyone recommend where to go to do it?

Can anyone recommend go boat trips/ places to go sightseeing with nice views etc? Any 'you must do/see' fun thinks we can do?
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scuba diving: there's a center in playa d'en bossa called anfibios. that's one option. from there you'll go to nearby places. a bit more effort, but better in terms of diving sites is to go to cala vadella and go diving with orcasub. diving is nice - excellent visibility (30-40m vis is standard). what month are you there?

depending on how long you're here for, definitely do a daytrip to formentera. hire a car and drive up to the north of ibiza and go exploring. spend at least one evening in ibiza town and walk up to dalt vila.
If you have not yet been to Cala Conta you should go there even just to look if you think its too busy to sunbathe. make sure it's a very sunny day as the water will be such a bright turquoise, the colour amazes me every time I go there and I still haven't found a nicer beach, and you can go for walks past all the restaurants and along the coast it's very beautiful.
One of the first times I went to Ibiza I asked the jet ski employee for a double session, rather than let me go round in circles for 30mins he said "follow me" I was hanging on for dear life while he took me across San An bay over to Cala Conta. I was gob smacked when we drifted across that shallow water between the islands.
Go to Kumharas and see the sunset from there. Not as commercial as the sunset strip but still a nice venue and good views every night. For those staying in San An Bay it's not too much of a walk either.
I agree with Kumharas, the sunset is spectacular and a good vibe there. We had food in May which was delicious and they gave me 2 blankets because I was cold.

A place we visited which was a bit different was Festival Club. It's an old club ruins which is covered in graffiti. There are lots of little rooms, I'm not sure if the structure is very safe in some parts so be careful. It's definitely worth a look and has a really creepy atmosphere if you like to freak yourself out a bit!

Another unusual place we found by chance when visiting Cala Codolar beach is the 'Time and Space' monument. You have to walk up the hill on the left side of the beach. There is a random doorway leading to it which is cute. You can see Es Vedra in the distance.