Mobile broadband in Ibiza


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Hi all!

Does anyone happen to know about mobile broadband possibilities in Ibiza? I'll have to telecommute from there next week and while our hotel has a wifi I'm also tempted to head out to beaches and such with the laptop. I have a Finnish dongle which unfortunately doesn't work in Spain (and even if it would the roaming charges would be extortionate).

I've come across a few companies online that do this but they're all offering a 12 month contract while I'd just need it for a week. One possibility would be to take a UK contract with Vodafone with the addition of Spain for an extra £5 per day but that seems a bit much as well. Any ideas? I suppose you can't just rent a dongle per day anywhere?

Thanks a lot :D
you suppose well. by the time you've paid your 50 euros or so to buy the dongle and then your 4 euros a day for coverage it's not worth the money just for one week.
Thanks for the reply, Stephen!

To be honest, I really don't mind about the price as long as it's reasonable (up to 150 euros or so) - I've paid my flights and hotel already so a little bit more to get more freedom really isn't going to make a difference ;) So where could one get the dongle?