LokiUS530 said:
is this just a parade for space?? what is it? lol

Manumission is at Privilege on Monday nights. It's a massive club night, altho these days it is more about the 'show' than the music :rolleyes: If you've never been, it's worth going once just to experience it as there will be up 10,000 people there in one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Then Manumission move to Space for the Carry On on Tuesday mornings which is always fab.
its got criticised in the past for the shows distracting from the music/crowd/atmo but i love it in the 4 times ive been to ibiza this has always been my messiest night ;) it also gets very sweaty in there :p
I love the place Manumission is held at, Privelege. The place is absolutely amazinf when the entire place is open, which it only is on Mondays for Manu parties.....go to experience the wild costumes and outfits, dancers and the circus a-like show. Take it for what it is, but as B wrote - don´t expect your ears to be overwhelmed. Manu is all about the fun and the show.
but the place is gorgeous, check it out - lovely!
if you like circus, go to manumission.
if you like music, go to cocoon.
technoboy said:
if you like circus, go to manumission.
if you like music, go to cocoon.

Here, here.

I wouldn't have minded going to the Music Box room in Manumission last year to see the likes of The Rapture, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and of course, Har Mar but paying 50 euros to see the people I could see for a fraction of that back home didn't really tickle my fancy.

All the reports I heard about Manumission this year said it was a real disappointment.

Cocoon at Amnesia is one of the best nights on the island (and just over the road from Priviledge where Manumission is on) and even if you don't really like techno/electro, the house room is pretty sweet.
I think it is something that everyone should experience from the sound if it. I'd love to go to see what it's like, but I know Cocoon is more my type of thing and it isn't cheap.
technoboy said:
see you in cocoon next year, kitten 8)


Oh and IG, I read that too, but a follow-up post said that it was happening as Mr. Vath himself had confirmed it.

(Personally, I'd love to see Cocoon at Space)
i always thought that space is a perfect place for cocoon, but
manumission is there tuesdays mornings since many years, and
this thing wont change.

once this year, there was a cocoon after party in space, after
manumission carry on, but i think sven väth lost a little his mind
and was playing too many hours...

security had to disconnect the boxes and even then, he continued
playing ... 8)
I missed out on the after-party for Cocoon.

Far too wrecked. Just went back to Ancient People and swapped stories with the people who'd been to Manumission (who all said it was rubbish) before collapsing outside Bora Bora.
SOunds Awesome!..... Guess i'll just have to try all the clubs! lol
sven väth is not the only one playing in cocoon,
and he is not my favourite, but if you like
techno, he is good!
do you like techno?