M&T's Move to Ibiza


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God!! If I ever have to live in the UK again I will freak out, In Some houses in UK you seem to get loads of huge ones as well

My fb friends always posting them on fb gross

haha yes the Facebook posting turns to me throwing my phone to Matt to hide the post and sometimes just block the person

hence the therapy.


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Concerning weed removal (ep. 71), apart from chemical solutions, there are portable flamethrowers for removing weed (I think they are officially called weed torches). They are quite efficient, plus using a flamethrower is a lot more fun than mixing salt, vinegar and whatever else trying to poison the ground. One exception are deep rooted unwanted plans like thistles though - these have to be rooted out. But check if flamethrowers are allowed on Ibiza at all (fire hazard).

A question to both of you for the podcast: Well into the 3rd month of your Ibiza residency, which aspect of life in Dubai (if any) are you missing the most on Ibiza?


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The Just a good beer thread will be popular over the winter on here I reckon.. maybe M&T beer reviews ? bi monthly of course... From Cruz Campo -. Julio de la Cruz especial from Central America..