Luton lad working the 2004 season in IBIZA!!!!!



:D Hi ya peeps,

Going to work on the magical island hopefully in mid april 2004, looking to go for the whole season, probably doing PR/bar work, but up for anything that can keep me there all season, as i visited a few years ago, had a great time, went this year beginning of july and loved it, went back at the end of october this year to do a bit of research and decided i have to come back next season, otherwise i would be cheating myself ha ha :lol: . Spoke to a few workers and found out a bit about accomadation, jobs etc, but really i am going in april so that i can sort everything out early before it all kicks off BIG TIME :D , Cause i have a funny feeling about this haha!.

I have done PR and bar work before in magalluf for a season, and then in barcelona for a few months, just to avoid coming home :D .

If anyone would like to tag along your more than welcome, just drop me an email and we could hook up for a drink or ten to see if we get on ;).
Cause to be honest the company could come in handy :lol: !!!!
Hello Yea i am heading out next year for the whole season. What aprt are you thinking of going to? Would be great to know some-one before heading out and share accomodation etc :D keep in touch
Hi ya browneyedgirl :D

I was looking at the hostel mari for a temporary place (maybe a few weeks), it is on the ibiza spotlight website in San An, fairly cheap rooms if ya don't mind sharing ;) , 17euros per person for a double room (room only). But when i get over there, and get a job, i wanna try and rent a house/apartment and do a house share, cause i have been told that there are some cheap rents available round the bay if ya keep looking :eek: , so hopefully that is what will happen!, but who knows? :lol: .

any way it is nice to get a reply, cause i am going on my own, but that don't mean i don't enjoy company and laughter ha ha :D .

so yeah keep in touch, and i will let ya know whats happening as soon as i do, ok? :D
shock horror r u implying that i would sahare a double room with a total stranger im a good living type of girl (yeah right lol)

Thats really good so cheap i would defo b on for a house share that would b so much better than a cramped apt.

Anyway yea keep in touch :D
Ha Ha :lol:

I ain't implying anything, just thought it could cut down on the cost of living for a while, till we both get jobs ;) .

Any way why don't ya send us an email and tell me a bit about yourself (i.e what sort of tunes ya into? what u do for a living? when you are looking at going over there? what you like and dislike? etc etc etc!!!)
or post it on here then we can work out if we are compatable room mates?

But then again aslong as you are up for clubbing drinking and having a bloody good time then i think we would get on fine, if youre up for sharing a apt that is?, with a 23 year old, blonde haired blue eyed luton bloke, who happens to have a fairly good figure (hoping to improve it before i go :lol: !!!!!), and a wicked down to earth attitude and personality :D
(did that sound too egotistical, cause i can assure you i am anything but vain ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! :lol: )

like i said before keep in touch yeah? Let ya know how i am getting on with my plans and when i am going to that magical island!!!
mate im working out there too in fact think there is a ton of people doing the saseon next year off ere,im up fotr looking for an apartment and have done a whole saeson before.
hi nitefly

well it will be my first season over in beefa so i can do with getting to know as many peeps as possible, went out there a couple of times this year to check out the situation, and everything is cool (especially the people!!!). Done some work in magalluf and barcelona, so i ain't a virgin when it comes to working abroad, but it still helps if ya have some friends like!!!!.

What time you looking at going over there? where ya from? do you fancy meeting for a drink sometime? how old are ya? etc etc???

Any way at this rate i think i will have to look at renting an apartment/house as soon as i get there, to try and fit everyone in lol!!!

any way keep in touch and we can hook up over there and rock the island in unity!!!!!.

Keep it real, keep it slow!!!!
Rico xxx
keep it slow? what the..... anyway mate im thinking about going over there june time or maybe after euro 2004 when it gets closer to the time we can start sorting out accomodation a mate of minemay be coming with me too.
ha ha :lol:
Keep it real keep it slow, is all about your way of thinking, well when i am not spanked on dodgy substances anyway :lol: , cause then it all goes a bit wrong ha ha ;) :twisted: :twisted: .

Well hopefully i will already be out there and settled by june, or atleast i hope i am cause i am planning to go at the end of april.

Keep in touch and we will sort something out closer to the time.

Rico xxx
ello Luton Lad! im going over next year,to do the same as you work an party on the white isle. I would like to go over with some like-minded people,at the moment im going over by myself.

mondays is all about DC10's!!! :p :p :p
hey ya,
got that last email? my account is f*** and dont know who receives my emails and who doesnt. sucks big time. cheers for the pix, by the way. nice tattoo....its one isnt it? mine are not that visible...
well, sweating my ass off in hot and steamy kl (kuala lumpur) at the mo. off in two days or so, more news then.
oh, one of my girls wants to come along for the next season. but you know how it works. right now, everybody wants to. but the closer you get to the date, they butt out again...
Hi ya everyone :lol:

Ceen nice to hear from ya matey, yeah man thats cool, i am also looking to hook up with as many peeps as possible, either before i go or whilst i am out there!!! probably try and sort out a flat/house share when i get there so that should be sweet, but hey evenif ya fancy a drink sometime drop us an email, and we will sort something out ok mate?.

Hi ya sunny sorry to hear about your email account, hope it is sorted soon, i got your email by the way, and thanx for the offer of the info about your travels, that will be very usefull to me whilst on mine thanx mate. You will have to send me an email when you are in england and we will have to meet for a drink :D . Yes that is one of my tattoo's you can see in the picture, and thanx for the compliment lol :D, i am planning on getting more done before i go to ibiza, so when you all see me i will hopefully be modified quite a bit more, just so i stand out from the crowd a little more, cause i like doing that :lol: .
hey spotlite man, dont try and steal anybodys show, though. and clean up after urself. haha. gonna be in london on the 28th of dec and again on the 2-14th of jan...get the beer chilled...germans dont like warm beer, like everybody believes....
getting bigger tattoo as wel...lets compete :)))
and ceen, lets meet up, too
cheers and get this horrible thunderstorm away from me over here. the streets are flooded like shit, cars cant, and its almost sat nite over here.
nice 1 people! we shud keep in touch then nearer the time sought our shit out! think im gonna go over start of may. wheeeeeeeey! cant wait! :)
Ceen said:
queensunny said:
cute :!: ......rachel is.....haha

hahahaha! lets see a photo of you queensunny.........

hmm, sorry, dont think i got one online....can send you a private one. dont know how to attach it to this here....just check your private email. am as cute as rachel. :D [/url]
yeah yeah, man, im in the asian highlands. hardly any buttons on this strange computer. how am i supposed to attach something, even if its via pm, if the pcs got problems showing all different kind of symbols and emoticons.....not to speak of no sign of an "attach files" button?
or im i really that stupid...hmmmm, nah, no comment please :D
f***in hell asian highlands! whats the it like up there?

just try copy the photo link,then paste it to a post or PM? suppose if all the buttons are in double dutch its gonna be hard though.