Looking for recommendations on clubs for first timers


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for first timer not into dance music

i agree with wot was written

zoo project Benimussa park
glitterbox hi ibiza
Defected eden
Pikes hotel parties (it's free, ull pay only taxi to go there)

for Flower power at pacha , as a rock addict i found it cheezy (only real rock addict can feel it ?, done it 1 time, i like some 70 tracks but not in a club ) , even free i wont put any step in this party, i found "girly" party .

Advising Techno or EDM to non dance music audience :eek: EDM sounds cheezy pop n Techno too linear , it mays sound 80 new wave for some parties

ill avoid advising dc10 to ibz virgins=>sardins effect , lot of people complain about it for their first time.

ps:keep on seeing videos of TOU (closing20 on my minds ) or solomun (was thinking to sell my closing tix ?)among my insta feed sorry I CAN 'T (same apply for many Techno djs, people worship, looks like its in the air since a few years far than EDM lobotomy ) , unless beeing drunk n forced to enter by mates ? , some people such Boris Breja still on my minds if at ushuaia, derrick may (cancelled for Vagabundos last year ?)


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Personally I'd say Glitterbox for a super club and/or Zoo project for a walking around enjoying an event as there are plenty of places to wander and chill... or lose yourself.

Captains advise is good above


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I am in a similar situation except I do like some of the Music, Old school Defected stuff etc. CircoLoco is on when I am there(31st May-4th June) and I really fancy it, however my friend that is not into the music at all is not really up for it. Also we are staying San An Bay so maybe a bit far for us. I am thinking may be Bora Bora one afternoon may be a good introduction for him. I also fancy Solomun+1 myself but again not really his thing. Has anybody any experience of the Together @ Amnesia Chase & Status thing, I think that may be more tolerable for my friend. We are mad into Reggae but there is barely anything on this Island :( I would think that somebody plays Sound System(Aba Shanti, Channel One, Jah Shaka style) as it fits perfectly with the Ibiza lifestyle but who knows, one for the locals maybe.


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It's nothing groundbreaking, but GRB on Playa Pinet is a good spot to spend a sunny day. It's in the Bay ?
Yes will be here a few days, I find it hard to believe that they are the only people capitalizing on Reggae in Ibiza! The Chringuito on Aguia Blanca has given me some of the best afternoons, endlessly playing real Jamaican reggae tunes, what a setting for it.


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yes, ive been to las dalias with reggae band last summer , it was nice, it depends on the week
Together for someone not in,to dance music, don't think it will be a good choice, the kind of music played there make me run away ,same story with cheezy hip hop rnb at swag ibz