Looking for recommendations on clubs for first timers


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Me and my wife are heading to Ibiza in August (17-24), and were wondering if anyone could recommend the best club night for us.

We've been to Ibiza before, but didn't go to the clubs, and this time around we want to try out the clubbing scene. We're not really that into dance music though, we prefer indie and rock music. I know there's an indie club in the San Antonio, but we're still looking to experience one or two of the super clubs. Does anybody know any for people that aren't really in to dance music (probably a stupid question)? Or any that would be good for first timers?

Thanks in advance.


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Superclub is not Superclub. And one evening in a Superclub is not like another.
Try to find out which electronic sounds you prefer ...


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You're going to really struggle if you don't like dance music but want to try a superclub. I would suggest you look at the party calendar when it starts to fill up and do a bit of research on the various nights at each club. Find out which DJ's are playing on which nights and then hit Youtube to have a listen to what they play. Then simply make a decision and bite the bullet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say (just who exactly are THEY?). Another alternative might be to go to the Zoo Project at Benimussa Park. It's in the open air, finishes about midnight (so you can still go and party elsewhere afterwards if you wish) and it's quite spread out so you can find plenty of places to sit and chill out if it turns out not to be your thing.


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Thanks all for your recommendations.

Will keep an eye out on announcements for club nights, and have a listen to the DJs to see if any stand out. I'll also check out Zoo and Flower Power beforehand.


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If you’re not into electronic music you won’t enjoy Resistance. Try out Glitterbox or Flower Power as a soft introduction to it all.


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As someone has already said, find out what genre you like first. Some of the suggestions of going to resistance or solumun really won't be for the part timers, there more for the hardcore fans, if you're not really into the music you'll be bored to tears. I'd get yourself on Youtube and have a look at some sets.

Eric Prydz
Adam Bayer
Amalie Lens.
Armin van Buuren
Demitri Vagas and Like Mike

Report back if you like any of these acts and I'm sure people will point you in the right direction.

If you're just after a super club experience avoid, the clubs in san an, Eden and Es Paradise. Although Pacha is one of the big names, you still might prefer Privilege, Amnesia or DC10 just for the size of the venues.

Elrow and Zoo project always seem to throw a good party, if you can't find any music you like.