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as you should known by now.....

..... more soon ! !



White Ibiza said:
in the absence of Circo Loco next summer, Luciano will commence a new residency at Pacha – news which has come to Miss W from TWO Very Reliable Sources. Hmmm. Let’s wait and see what happens in 2009…
The Ibiza Sun said:
After 33 years, during which they have worked in and for the last few years owned The Wild Asparagus Restaurant, Luis and Miguel have decided that retirement has a special attraction, so they are putting the restaurant, plus it's accompanying businesses, up for sale.
according to an ad in DDI, the apartments confort plaza in san antonio are now owned by grupo playa sol :!:


:arrow: today diario de ibiza reports that pacha has bought the warehouse casino de ibiza is using at the moment as the provisional casino (opposite the gesa power station). apparently pacha plans to maintain the restaurant and turn the games room into a club :!:
change of plans ! !

apparently pacha is no longer interested in the provisional casino..... which is rumoured to turn into a supermarket :!::!:

it was actually a lease for 40 years.....
erm, change of plans again ! !

apparently it will turn into a decathlon shop :!::!::!:

in related news, the casino finally moves to the ibiza gran hotel in a few weeks.....

apparently the ibiza gran hotel is for sale :!:

obviously there isnt a "for sale" sign outside on the facade as this is all very hush-hush but the info comes from a reliable source.....


ibiza gran hotel
after their successful first season in playa den bossa, nassau beach club expands with a new bar/restaurant in mallorca :!:

it opens on november 27th with paul lomax+etc.....

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