la sirena club hotel, san antonio bay

your joking!! how do you know the hotel is closed?

i should contact my holiday company if that is the case.
trouble is you don;t know most times untill you get there.then you will see a note on door saying go to this hotel.thats how gps work.nevermind you might be put in a better hotel and even upgraded to a/i.some do some don;t.
its no good a hotel staying open if only a few people are booked in at dates your they put them in just one or save money.
I am totally confused, i phoned my holiday company and they didn't know anything about the hotel being closed.

Are you definately sure it's the same hotel?
but shouldn't the holiday company be informed if the hotel is closed?
when i contacted them, they didn't know anything about it.
i don't know about you, but i like to know in advance where i am staying, so i can at least find out about the hotel before i actually get there, what if it's not as good??
i'm not very happy about it all.
then you email phone write and complain like hell.but they will put you in a good place.but ask about upgrade when you get there.
You will probably end up staying at the San Remo in San Antonio Bay. This is where the majority of people that were supposed to be staying in GPS hotels ended up. If you do stay there try and ask for the S'Estanyol which is next door. Also stay on the 4th floor if possible as this hotel has had problems with cockroaches. We stayed there last week.. had a great time and thought the hotel was good but quite a lot of people complained about the cockroaches in the rooms.
Thank you for the advice!

My holiday company told me that my hotel is open until the end of the month, so i hope that is the case and they are not telling me porkies!!
was that info given by phone or letter.update it is shut.been on the web site and checkedyour you are begin moved to another now you can tell your hols company.

if stephen walked passed and saw it shut.he is not lying
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