kevin and perry



for all the people not doing anything tonight (or in my case working tom) Kevin and Perry on bbc 1 tonight (sat) at 9:05 pm:)
i like the cheap tacky west end shit...u and others dont but it suits me and suits you:) we all have fun
is the film any good? espacially for an ibiza virgin who is curious to find out where he's going
don't watch it find out where you are will get lost if you do.

the film is quite funny, but some of the stuff is misleading.

like apparently amnesia is in ibiza town and outside a restaurant. it is not.

amnesia looks nothing like it should. in the film amnesia has steps which you have to go up 2 pay. it doesn't
its a wofully inaccurate film but there aint nothing better to watch tonight and it does show ibiza if i a bit hit and miss
What you have to understand is kevin and perry isn't a film about Ibiza
It is a film about 2 pubescent teenagers and there first holiday abroad, meeting girls and trying to look cool when they are really total geeks.
There is a scene in amnesia ( which i was at during filming in 1999 )
and at other locations, the music is fairly accurate for that time in ibiza although its mainly trance which was big in 1999.
Its a funny film if u like that sort of humour ( which i do ) and if you are a fan of harry enfields character then you will like the film.
If you havn't seen it then watch it and see what you think.
and if anyone does spot me during the amnesia scene then let me know ive scoured the video and can't see me though.
its a great film Kathy Burk is the best comedy actor ever, theres no one that could play perry better, i wasnt going to watch it cos i've seen it loads b4 but you have got me into the kevin a perry mood now!
its either that or you could borrow my copy of "is harry on the boat"...oops no you cant i watching it as we speak lol
i love kevin and perry. no its not to accurate but its a comady its not meant to sell ibiza its meant to make you laugh.

i think people who go of on one saying its shit, thats not accurate, amnesia aint outside a resturant, ibiza's not like that... they need to chill out a bit and realise its not reality tv


You're all a bunch of w*****s....I was too busy actually clubbing and having a good time in reality to log on and discusss the merits of a bloody film. Get a life you bloody losers...and besides, Kevin and Perry is one of the best 5 films ever's not meant to be watched as a critique of Ibiza, it's purely a film to be enjoyed, so switch off your prejudices and relax for F**Ks sake...

Because some of us couldn't make it out on a saturday night for whatever reason - work, lack of cash etc. and chose to visit the forums, that makes us
bloody losers


You're a joke...