Junction 2 London

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Crawleytown, May 11, 2018.

  1. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Full lineup out.

    One of the best UK tech lineups i have ever seen across 2 days.
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  2. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    Was gonna give it a miss this year but that lineup really is something else.
  3. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    I have said it before and I will say it again, best festival in London by a long way imo. Taking into account like line ups, stage design, location, set length, crowd and even how professionally well organised it is.

    Missed last years edition but looking forward to getting back under the bridge on the Saturday! Hoping we get a Beyer B2B JC as I've heard this is one of the B2B pairings that realllyyyy works.
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  4. makka

    makka Active Member

    That line up is solid. This usually sells out if I’m correct?
  5. TazLondon

    TazLondon Member

    We will be there.
  6. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Tickets are on 5 tier already man for some of the options
  7. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    They must be doing really well if they expanded to 2 days. One of the few festivals I'd really like to get to in London but definitely not in the cards for this year with the current roadmap.
  8. makka

    makka Active Member

    Ahh! Noted. Best to act quick then!

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