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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Crawleytown, May 11, 2018.

  1. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    Have had tickets for this one for a while but just seen they have now sold out a month in advance. Not surprising as is a cracking lineup - Beyer b2b Cox, 6 hours of Dixon b2b Ame and Len Faki in a 'warehouse' style tent are some of the highlights.

    went last year and for me it's the best one day festival around. location is class, an uncharacteristically good soundsystem for London festivals and thoughtful programming.

    Whose in for this one?
  2. Alexdewing

    Alexdewing Member

    Im there with bro. First time to Junction2 but looking forward to it. Line up is superb. It will be the warm up to Awakenings festival a couple of weeks later.
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  3. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Yep ill be there. The line up is quality. The festival is fantastic.
  4. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

    I'm going, first time...the main stage last few hours will be insane
  5. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Make sure you visit The Woods arena and try to catch LSD in the Warehouse. The Sonus stage was great last year, but really weather dependent - so I hope it's glorious again this year.
    Dixon B2B Âme for six hours at an English festival is the stuff dreams are made of
  6. 00masmit

    00masmit New Member

    Yep in. First time to J2.
  7. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Anyone got 2 tickets going for £100??? Have been stubborn up until now because of the price but really want to go now :spank:
  8. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

    Really enjoyed this, will definitely be back last year. Rare daytime event where pretty much every stage/soundsystem had good music.
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  9. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    Really enjoyed myself on Saturday... just coming round now. Thought it suffered a bit from the extra numbers compared to previous years, the Bridge when Cox was on was insufferably busy and some of the queues for tokens and drinks were a bit ridiculous.

    Musically it was absolutely spot on though - Kraviz and Len Faki were class and the last half hour with Beyer and Cox b2b was one of the best half hours I have ever had at a festival. Every tune was an absolutely massive weapon, and underneath that bridge the atmosphere was phenomenal.

    Can't think of a better non - camping festival going to be honest.
  10. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Awakenings, Timewarp, Sunwaves just to name a few … J2 is very good though, best UK one by a country mile
  11. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    Sorry yeah, should have prefixed that with UK!
  12. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

    we didnt think the bridge was too busy but were about half way back by the next set of speaker...though the last 30 mins, it was heaving. I think Carl Cox is always going to cause problems because he will pull in people, including people who arent as big in to techno, from all the other stages.

    Lines for tokens and beer at the start were a massive pain. i was basically an uptight old man for the first two hours, then had an amazing time :)
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  13. MichaelH1992

    MichaelH1992 Member

    Had the same problem
    For the first few hours ... ques to do more queuing to do more queuing. Anyone catch the tale of us set . Blew my head off . Incredible ... then ame Dixon was also insane . Tryed to go to see Adam and Carl but wasn’t getting anywhere near the front so went back to ame Dixon. Much preferd that anyway !
  14. cunninghamali

    cunninghamali Well-Known Member

    Sound like an amazing festival! I love tale of us at the moment I cannot wait to see them in July
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  15. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

    We kept walking past Ame and Dixon and thinking how good it was, but other things kept grabbing us. Maya Jane Coles was great at points, but also faded a few times. Think the best thing i could say about it was how each stage had a completely different vibe...

    the warehouse was so dark and dirty (in a good way)
    woods felt like a random bit in a weekend festival
    Sonus had the big open air thing going
    and the bridge was just the bridge :)
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  16. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    So I’m guessing Cox and Beyer were very good from!
    Very happy as I’ve got the Cox amneisa date and I’m assuming they will have a similar set up as at J2 and with amnesia opening at 10pm I’m hoping we get 7 hours of Cox and Beyer
  17. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

  18. Ian K

    Ian K Active Member

    In Ibiza? Afterlife was something else albeit i went to it at Space.
  19. cunninghamali

    cunninghamali Well-Known Member

    Yes sorry I mean in Ibiza!! never been before will be my first time :)
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  20. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    The full set is on Mixmag YouTube. I must admit I’d never ‘listen’ to a Carl Cox set but watching it live or recorded like this he can definitely rock a crowd. Good chemistry with Adam Beyer too. Personally never had a bad time seeing Carl Cox but admittedly it’s only ever been once or twice a year max.
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