july weather



can anyone tell me what the weather should be like in 1st 2 weeks of july going with a few kids so need to be prepared cheers susan :lol:

v.hot indeed

glasgow-chick found it too hot, hence if we go this year it'll be september.

i like the heat tho' - just lie back and sweat 8) :D
lasy year when we went early in july we we lucky/unlucky enough to catch a heatwave, at times those temperature things were saying 45deg

easily the hottest weather i have ever encountered.
sexki11en said:
You and me both Anna. I wanna come back with a decent colour this year. Coconut oil at the ready!

I burnt myself last year because i was using oil on the 2nd day but i went a lovely brown towards end of holiday. Was bit embarrased going out with a red face that night tho :oops:
Lol. Im really careful at the start (mostly too careful) but use the coconut oil on the last few days, Gonna go on the sunbed before I go this year to make sure I turn a decent colour.