Jellyfish situation?



... I personally almost always go swimming with a diving mask and with this you should be fine - just open your eyes!
just buy the cheapest diving goggles for 5 - 10 euros f.e. @ la sirena - that's already enough to check the daily underwater-jellyfish-situation.


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There were LOADS at Salinas last week. So many, that it was impossible to go into the water without being stung.


I was stung by one at Cala Conta last year, initially I thought it was something that had bitten me :eek: and panicked a bit as I was about 1/8 mile out from the sand.. a strange heart-shaped mark appeared on my arm and the pain was like the sorest of nettle stings. The lifegaurd treated it and said he hadn't seen any all summer there :rolleyes:

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Wanted to see if I could get any insight/information on jellyfish.

2 seasons ago, we went cliff jumping in Formentera. Punta Prima, to be exact - at the edge of the rocks where there is a ladder magically placed to make going in and out of the water super easy. Anyway - we were there for hours in mid-September (2nd or 3rd week) and did not see/encounter any jellyfish. Truthfully, it was one of the best days we've ever had on holiday.

Last season, we took a boat from around PdB-ish to S'Espalmador. We got off at the beach and on the way back between there and Ibiza, docked a bit to jump off the boat, etc. There were jellyfish EVERYWHERE - to the point where half our group was stung all over and getting in the water was more risky than it was fun. This time, it was late September (maybe 3rd or 4th week).

So - does anyone know the deal? Does it depend when? Does it depend where? We are going early September this year and would like to have an idea of what to expect.


*edit* decided to search the forums and do a little research. it seems this changes all the time - sometimes on a week by week basis? does that sound about right?


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depends on so many factors.

currents and wind mainly - you can have a bay infested by jellyfish one day and the next day there are none. also you can have one bay full of them, but the next bay 10mins away might be totally jellyfish free.

generally the population of jellyfish is on the up because of warmer winters - they survive easier - and also because their natural enemies (the turtles who eat them) are on the demise. I've read jellyfish are an increasing issue on a global level because of these points.

my advice is, whenever you get to a beach, have a look first if you can spot any jellyfish from the beach, then ask the people around you (hay medusas?) and then I'd always have a quick swim with a diving mask to check. I've not been stung in years.


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portuguese man o war yeah. nasty little things! not the first time they're seen in ibiza but hopefully it was just the late winter storms that brought them here and they will fcuk off now!
Absolute game over if you get caught up in one of them or react badly. I may be wrong, but I thought they could still sting when dead?