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Yeh that’s from a few years ago. Just highlighting how other DJ’s refused to play on same lineup as him. Most DJs tweeted out against him, clubs banned his tunes.
But because Jacks everyone’s mate, nada
If I had to guess, I'm fairly sure they asked the artists sharing the line up with him beforehand whether they are OK with it - simply to avoid repeating the situation they went trough with ten walls.

but this is just me guessing eh, I've got no background info in it.


Funniest one was Black Madonna, one of the most vocals against Ten Walls, played deaf because Jackmaster is a mate.

Hypocrisy at its best.

They are both dicks, they both deserve a second chance. One of them got what he deserved, the other did not.
? with you on this. Thought that spoke VOLUMES about The Black Madonna.