Its complicated.

Ok guys, now that we've all passed on our advice to miss florida (and hopefully you take it and ignore that ***** my girl) I have a dilemma myself.

I've been single now for about 3 months but i've been talking to my ex quite a bit recently and there has been loads of flirting every time we are out etc ect (we're in the same circle of friends). Now there's nothing wrong with that but on Saturday night she told me that she still wants to be with me. 'So what?' I hear you say, 'theres nothing wrong with that!'.

My problem is this, there is another girl, who I really like and have been kind of seeing (nothing official) but its heading that way.

My problem is this... how do I tell my ex that Im not interested anymore and that nothing is going to ever happen again without hurting her feelings. Id just prefer to be her friend and I'm wanting things to start up with the other girl.

I still get on with my ex really well, and its a bit of a nightmare coz shes phoning and texting and I know she def wants to get back together.

Oh, and my ex and the new girl hate each other, I just found at the weekend.

all help and advice if most welcome.


can you not bang both of them? in times of future drought you will relish this time, one for the "**** bank" and all that ;)
Never, ever go back with an ex. The ex is your ex for a reason. Why people go back is beyond me. quote]

I agree, you break up for a reason, when you go bck the problems always resurface again...or new ones come along, just enjoy the new relationship and try not to shove it in your ex's face, although she broke up with you so it's not so much of a problem, she's just going through a phase wanting something she can no longer have that's all.
Cheers for all the advice guys... Its been taken on board and I've my first 'proper' date with the new girl on friday (shoud really stop reffering to her as the new girl and call her by her actual name... Caroline).

I'll try to stay out of the exs way, but if she takes the nick it aint my problem...

Thanks again guys!


have fun, lifes complicated enough as it is. keep things nice n simple and you'll have a whale of a time. ;)
Definitely take it up with the new girl.

Forget about ex without a doubt. She is only going to try and make things harder for you when her jealousy sets in (when she sees you happy with someone else)

Definitely move on (like all the others said) :lol: :lol:

Good luck! ;)
Hey N8 has the right idea, pity they're not better friends really, best buy some tequila and turn up the heating :lol::lol:.

You're doing the right thing.