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Is Trance going down or up in your oppinion? Or where is it going??? What sound-direction is is taking and what are your fav. trancey-tunes?

Mine are def. Uplifting tunes and some of the older stuff:
Ocean Lab - Clear Blue Water
Sholan - Can U feel (Thrillseekers mix)
Delirium Feat. Rani - Under Water (Above & Beyond mix)
Perpetuous Dreamer - Sound Of Goodbye (Armin Van Buuren mix)
Above & Beyond - Far From In love (radio edit+Shane 54 Mix)

i think that trance is getting a progressive feel to it, which i like. Trance can often be related to europ trance rubbish that is currently doing the rounds in the charts, i.e. ian van dahl etc

in past years there have been some great trance classics i.e. cafe del mar, el nino, for an angel. But there haven't been these good classic trance songs recently apart form maybe a few exceptions.....
Trance will most probably play as much a part as it did last season, with Tiesto firmly in place at number 1 (according to DJ Magazine) he alone can keep trance popular.

You are probably right, thank god for that man! hehe :) Even though I don´t have him on my top 5 list he´s doing a pretty good job for the genre....
there are other djs, who doing just as good if not better...armin van buuren, Frank Trax, Dj Montana...

Yep I def. know Armin´s page...and tiesto´s label (or is that I think that one is Ferry C´s right?...hehe) I know that Armind/United is Armin´s so I´m a bit confused with the others :-9 :evil:
tiesto label is blackholerecordings.
There are many other djs that are registered to this label and also have information about them on this site...

Jep Ive seen this.....many DJ´s are related to one anothers label so it gets confusing at times :) oh well........ :) thanks anyway :!:
At the moment it's very nice at Can Fly, great trance music and more. Don't forget to drop by Manumission this summer!!!!!!! :p
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Heard you guys in NY got a LOT of snow these last couple of hours!

Yes -- it's the most snow we've ever had since 1996. That's the thing I hate most about the New York -- winter...
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totally understandable!!!! we heard it on the news this morning so it must be severe huh? :p

I've never seen New York come to a stand still like this before. It's a snow day; I have no intentions of leaving my home today; music, movies, reading, and messge boards :D
oh I have !

oh I have seen NY stand still, believe me - and without people, as I was on my way OUT OF THERE just an hour after the towers had collapsed and made me spend 10 days in a strangers house in N.J !

Not a single person on Time Square! That was just like Judgement day! :x