Is Manumission so bad???


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I'm being forced into going to Manumission this year coz one of the girls we are going away with is 21 on the Monday otherwise I would be giving it a wide berth.

If you fancy going to Privilege and like trance, go on a Friday night for Xtravaganza. We went at the last minute last year and it turned out to be the best night of my holiday. Alex Gold blew me away.
We were gonna hit both Manumission AND Release Urself but my friend lost our passes for Manumission so we ended up at Pacha...and u know what, im THANKFUL we lost our Manumission passes cuz Release Urself was OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we woulda went to Manumission, we woulda missed some of Sanchez's set and after a bit of reflection on the matter, that WOULD NOT be cool. f***k Manumission, Release Urself with the S-man... I GUARANTEE u'll have a kickin night ;)



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For various reasons I've had some of the best nights at manumission and some pretty average ones. This year, everything hooked up great and I had one of the best nights from the two weeks (1st july) at MM. It wasnt too packed, the music was good I was with a good crowd. Best MM night I've had since 'Tokyo' - MM World series 1996. The only downer about it this year was that there was so much broken glass on the floor in the 'dome' section that many girls were getting cut feet with thier minimal footwear. didn't really give us a problem but it's sad to see people injured. Hard to say if it's just how you rember it but I used to preffer it when they had lots of people going round in the crowd performing etc, rather than a 'big show'. I find the show stops the momentum of the club. The old sex shows were the worst because 40% of the club used to stop dancing and hand around to middle bit waiting for the show. I still think the night only really gets going once the show is over - the 'tourist clubbers' go and the real clubbers have room to breathe/dance :) Anyway whatever the reason I had a totally top night this year and it'll be one of the ones I remember for years to come.


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Re: Been this year

Silversurfer78 said:
... in the end there are no more interesting parties on that day in Ibiza...
of course there are: cocoon@amnesia with sven vaeth et al!!!

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