Is Manumission so bad???


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I've been reading a lot post on here saying that Manumission is one to avoid this year. This is my first time in Ibiza and everyone from a few years back always said you have to experience it. But if its really sh*t then id rather go somewhere else especially with only going for 1 week.

Anyone got any comments?? any been there this year???? :confused:
Haven't been this year yet but from previous years I would recommend going if only to see the size and scale of the place! lets face it if you have a crap nite (unlikely anywhere in Ibiza!) you still have six other nites in your week to make up for it!
Fair enough. Glad i know before hand it would pis* me off spending a load of money for a sh*t night.

Has anyone been to the retro night with Paul Taylor. We are big old skool fans so we are very tempted by that night
Been this year

I've been there this monday, was cool but it was my first time in-there, really nice place but to pay just for that kind of party is really too expensive... also the drinks... so if you just want to have a look up go, in the end there are no more interesting parties on that day in Ibiza... see u on september now at the closing of all discos!!!
in the end there are no more interesting parties on that day in Ibiza...

really, have you not heard of roger sanchez at pacha or, if you have a sweeter tooth sven vath etc @ amnesia.

two of the best nights on the island knock the spots off the tourist trap that is manumission
If you are a real clubber, f*** Manumission: it's not worth the cash at all. I went last year and was disappointed. Sure, the club itself is cool to wander about in, but not much else. I was only drunk at it though and I wasn't forking out that sort of cash for drink so I sobered up which didn't really help. Although I had a few doobs in the outside bit which improved things! ;) But if you want to experience a good night at Priviledge then go to Xtravaganza.
If you want to experience the Manumission thing, go to the Carry On @ Space on a Tuesday morning............much much better than the Monday night.

Manumission these days tend to be full of beer boys on a night out from the West End :evil:

rustywoo said:
really, have you not heard of roger sanchez at pacha or, if you have a sweeter tooth sven vath etc @ amnesia.
look the thing is that it was my first time in Ibiza and so i didn't know all other disco's planning... So maybe you better know where to go and what to do in the isle... maybe next time i'll go to that other parties!
Bye and stay cool!
I am now @ Ibiza.... and last week I was on Manumission... ok. the show was ok.. but the DJ really sucked.. I have heard so many mistakes in mixing.... even I can do better than that!
Are there any other worthwhile nights at Privilege so I can avoid Manumission? I missed Privilege completely last year and need to go, but am getting more turned off about Manumission all the time.
same with me. i absolutely want to go to the cocoon night @amnesia. therefor i cant go to manumission. i've chosen the tunnel trance force night @ privilege ( sunday), though i heard that tunnel is one of the worst parties.

why go to privilege anyway, there are much better nights at the different clubs. I have never really liked privilege, i believe its just toooo big.

All of the other clubs have got just the same but in a smaller a better version.

I can't find one good night that i would go to at privilege, so why waste your money on a crappy night and go to a good night at a different location where you may enjoy it more.

Just a thought

let's turn this thread into a privilege slag off.

it's too big

thats all that needs to be said really, apart from the fact that it has the atmosphere of a NEC tradeshow
LOL guys i see what your saying but I went to the Manumission opening party and manumission the week after. I have to say that the opening party was appsolutly AMAZING!!!!! The second week wasnt as good, I think this was due to the fact that on the opening night it was my first time, Tall Paul was playing and he blew me away with his tunes, it was also very PACKED (and i MEAN packed!!) and the atmosphere was AMAZING!! The second week the DJ wasnt that good and it wasnt as packed and the atmosphere wasnt as good.

I suggest that u just leave Manumission for the opening and the closing parties, i know i will defo be there next opening party and not for the other nights. But on your holiday u defo have to check out Privilege at least once in your hol so just go to the Xtraviganza night which im sure will be wicked.

mmmmmmmmm Manumission opening party was sooooooooooooo good, it will always be a fond memory and was one of the best nights i had in the 2 weeks i was there.

Whatever if u're in Ibiza u can't miss to go to @Pvrivilege... i mean it's the biggest disco in the world and it's in Ibiza... i agree that is a vaste of money but is Ibiza and u can't miss to go there...
see ya clubbin' all around Europe!!! ;)
Robo i do agree with u.
So many people & if u have to park your car it can be dangerous .Last august i lost 1 h30 to park my car,parking place full & when i wanted to leave the parking it was very hard to get out of there coz cars coming from 2 ways,i finally park my car in the road in the right side & when i had to leave the club i was very scary coz my car nearly fell in the gap! :(
there is 20inch between the road & the ground
Ive been to Ibiza for the last 2 years and am going back again in August. I have always went to Manumission and had a great time, after all you are in Ibiza and the fun you have is only what you make it!!! Last year I saw Sister Bliss play the Main Room which was an appearance not to be missed as she was bangin!!! Oh and where else in the world on the same night would I have been able to listen to Fatboy Slim playing in the toilets!!! What a night!!! I cant wait to go back!!! Also Zoe Ball popped ouot of a massive birthday cake for the Ftaboy himself!! Also spent about 5 mins talking to Mike and Claire and got their piccies, whcih means that they dont really care about cameras in the club.