Increasing trend in pouting


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All right enough is enough. WTF is happening with this generation? I am noticing an increasing trend in woman and more worryingly blokes pouting:evil::evil::evil:

It looks frubbish and irritates the crap outta me. Am I missing out here?

Has a new craze of sucking lemons just kicked off?

Met my mates bird the other day and it was like a fecking horror show with her doing it constantly like she had a tick of some sort.

Looks like those supermodels and douche bags have infiltrated our self aesthetic nous.


Rant Over
I am safe to say I dont know anyone that does this and I dont do it myself, no matter how much lip gloss I wear :lol::lol::lol:

Surely it must hurt?!!

I always smile, well i used to :( Spent years learning how to smile properly as i never could when i was younger and now i can't again, meh!