impressions & observations from ibiza 2021


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The pirate has arrived!!!
Amnesia After party for those that follows the pirate.
I ask Freakstar to b close to me at 5h00am as as i have to follow french bloke..going with my car..
A pity i made connection to 1 hot girl but she land in ibiza 11ham as i thought about her as its her Bday.
French dj i met 2012 b2b Dennis Cruz..
Sound is too hard at terrace after 2h00am...


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Full reports this afternoon please team. 500 words minimum each
Ok….I am alive.

ENTRY: very efficient. They accepted my UAE test certificate no bother. If you needed a test to get in there was a tent in the car park (25euro I think). No massive queues at 7pm (although later you might of had 15 minute wait). Stickers were placed on your cameras - this should be the norm from now on as the clubbing experience was so much better. Obviously there were some dicks that broke the rules but that’s fine and up to them.

CLUB: there are barriers all round the perimeter of the terrace to stop people taking drinks on the dance floor…this resulted in a congregation of people on the outside - defeats the purpose really. Also, for this reason it took a while for the dance floor to get going (felt sorry for Jamie Roy that was on first and from what I heard did a banging set) Laterally in the club room it was a free for all. There were numerous stewards in fluorescent colors picking up people for not wearing mask in certain areas - I would say that this was not a problem and every one of them were very nice. Security/bouncers were also very good - very professional and not being twats.

3-DIMENSION: this is the revelation…outside in the car park, partially covered which helped with the rain. This area was going off first - I’ll be going there first today.

MUSIC: a bit hit and miss to be honest. The club room was the place to be in my opinion. As a side comment, there were a number of female DJ’s who were absolutely excellent. The sound system is really top notch (I realized this is why I missed amnesia so much - it just makes a great atmosphere)

PEOPLE: superb crowd, no bother whatsoever as you normally get late in an normal season. Had the pleasure of meeting the Pirate (top bloke) and cunnighamali…hopefully I’ll meet some of you other gangsters at the closing in a few hours!

DRINK: across the board I thought they were giving quite small measures in comparison to what we are used to. As usual some bars are cheaper than others which I always find strange. Despite tipping every time (even though I had free tokens) some of the bar staff were beyond rude to be honest - I am bit judging them but just a general observation.

OVERALL: fook it was good to be back! Hopefully it’ll brighten up a wee bit so we get a bit of daytime action later


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we were there only until 1am, really enjoyed the female djs too - especially georgia angiuli

super friendly crowd, lots of youngsters from the island. agree the smoking area is awsm. and glad the rain stopped after about 9-ish.

the sound system is just so banging in amnesia. everyone so happy to be there!

can't go tonight, hope everyone who does has an amazing time!!


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super friendly crowd, lots of youngsters from the island.
Yes…I saw some lads that looked barely over 12 years old! Not sure how they got in but fair play to them and great to see youngsters getting involved…saying that the bar staff wouldn’t serve them drink!