Im here 27 sep - 3 oct some drinks ?

Michael Kobein

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Hey my name is Michael im frome Austria (Vienna) 18 yeahrs old i was already 3 time in Ibiza but this summer its first time alone somwhere here who will have some drinks and a little bit of fun ?

Greetings from Austria seyouuf***ingthere


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Hey Michael, I'm also Michael. I'm going solo from 28th to the 6th and am already chatting to some people to try and meet up. Staying in San An. Probably doing La Troya on the Wednesday, Music On on the Friday and Space on the Sunday.


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put ur location & schedule if u want to gather some people....
La troya is not a busy party...Paradise closing on wednesday (with combo pack boatparty, hardly recommanded, if in let me know, for those that dcant do Paradise we can meet at ibiza sensation the house party with dj "friends" (free for Gram Parsons gueslist :D) , check in is in san an but i go t a car & 2-3 free places) is hardly recommanded (even i use to enjoy la troya when it was at amnesia)

Lets meet sure for space closing :cool: (flight area in front of dj booth barresl the only place not rammy (bring earplug!!)) don't know how many mates with , i will be but if pack by pack we gather to meet it will be mental in sapce , as 20people+ (doable if any contact i know add their contatcs.. united color chain of party people :)) i should be with 3 people sure for space closing...

for people in san an get in touch with a guy with a car...
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