Ibiza Spotlight in conversation with Solomun


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2012 was his first year residency at Sankeys than 2013 he had 2 residency sankeys and pacha ( the sankeys one that year was with the dynamic crew, not sure he was playing every week) ...
Ah FairPlay then, I didn’t realise he did both that year!!!


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So Denis Sultra felt unready for Solomun + 1 last year... ?
I can see that. Read a separate interview with Sulta and he touched on a few things which suggested he suffers a bit from anxiety and low confidence at times which is totally what you wouldn't expect from watching him play.


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Yeh must be a lot of pressure being a Dj, alot of eyes on you when djing too, I couldn't do it I hate being the centere of attention or lots of people looking at me


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Surprised at the Denis sulta comment too.

But I suppose there is more focus on you as a guest at Solomon +1 as opposed to most other gigs.

Nobbie Q

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Surprised at the Denis sulta comment too.
Probably Sultas nice way of not wanting to play at the party. Or maybe he was for real.

Cool interview so far, I liked some of the questions asked. I wonder if you ask him about the memes he's in too lol.


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Just watched the last one. What a legend.....guy just loves riding the wave until nobody is left on the dancefloor.


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Great interview! Truly loved it, good questions that gives a great insight in his work and way of thinking. Probobly the best I have ever seen or read during my 10 years here.
Many thanks to @stivi and spotlight!