Ibiza is the worst place on the planet!


Johhny Bravo

;) (J.K.) If this were the case, then the planet would be a pretty exciting place, would'nt it? I'm a 24 year old student from Chicago. A friend of mine suggested Ibiza about a month ago and we decided to drag two other friends down to the island in September of 2003. We have reservations to stay at the Jet Apartments in Playa D' Bossa. Is Ibiza really all that you people rant and rave about? I've seen pictures and I've read reviews, the place seems mind blowing, but I'm still skeptical. I guess I'll know when I get there. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to partying my ass off and getting away from all of the B.S. of my regular life. See you girls there!
Johhny Bravo said:
;s Ibiza really all that you people rant and rave about? I've seen pictures and I've read reviews, the place seems mind blowing, but I'm still skeptical.

No, a million zillion times better than ne pictures or words could ever describe.

we could all rant and rave about the island and how good it is, and how amazing the clubs are, and how beautifull the people are, and wot a class buzz there is about the place and basically how its just a giant party 24/7.............but we wont. it doesnt matter how much we tell you. you just have to go and experience the magic for yourself!
If you go to clubs and like dance music and that's your way of live than you must love Ibiza. If oyu are a rocker and spend your week ends drinking at a bar you probably hate it out there. Ibiza = Dance
As a fellow American I must tell you that Ibiza.......... well, it's nothing like the hideous spring break, summer destinations that we are used to. Ibiza is a whole different world , a whole other planet if you will. It's what life is about and should be about. It's one big party of easy going attiudes, no set plans, relaxation, mixed with clubbing and the best DJ talent in the world. Oh, and don't forget the beautiful yet friendly people. Beautiful yet friendly people. Hmmmmm..... Hard to mix those two together here in the states. Basically, if you like dance music, top DJ's a mix of different cultures, races, sizes, shapes and a very chilled atmosphere by day but insane clubbing by night then Ibiza is for you. If you are looking for a place to escape the on the go 24/7 attitude that we often live by here in the USA then Ibiza is the place for you. But, in all honesty Ibiza is what you make of it. I can't tell you if you will enjoy it for sure. You have to find that out and I hope that it will make you realize that there is a place on Earth that has life figured out! Enjoy! :D
Hey yo!

It's like u people r reading my mind and thoughts, cause i think exactly the same about all the points u've written above concerning Ibiza

Very wise words from i assume very wise people!

9 months left for me, and counting...
Hello! Welcome! We are all friendly and nice on here and we are always happy to welcome friendly people to the forum. I am happy to hear that you feel the same way about Ibiza. it is a magical place indeed!

I am going to Ibiza in 9 months too. Mid August I believe I will be there.

Enjoy the site and post away! ;)

:D :D :D :D
Actually i've been on this website for more than a year by now, but what does it matter as long as we all feel the same about the magical island :lol:

cheers! :p

P.S: I plan to book 2 week next September... c u there Susie? ;)
Oops sorry! I thought you were new since I haven't seen you on here before. Anyways, maybe I'll see you in Ibiza. :D
Johnny - its just as well i read your post, otherwise by going by the title alone is wanna go argue with you, hahahahaha!!!!!
You Guys are Great

I've never seen so many people so passionate about the same cause. Now I'm gonna drive myself crazy waiting. I blame all of you and that damn irresistable Island. 10 months seems so far away. Well, it gives me a reason to go on. THANKS GUYS!! I'll be sure to take lots of pics when I'm out there to share my first experience with all of you. CYA in SEPTEMBER!!
lol thats actually really weird. as i was finishing off reading that last post i got goose pimples too.
jonny u'll definately not be disappointed. im staying in the same apartments as you in 2003 except im going over for the opening parties in june. have never stayed in them but have heard really good reports about them and how could you not as theyre right beside space and bora bora beach. yeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaa!
Spotty & Johnny,

You won't be disappointed by the Jet. Request a room on the beach side.

Like you say Spotty....anywhere right next to Bora Bora can't be bad


Jet are pretty basic appartments, but you can't beat the location - right next door to Bora Bora, 5 mins walk to Space.
Johnny Bravo...how did you make reservations at Jet? Did you go through a travel agent?
I booked jet at a travel agent last year. Maybe you can book them locally to
Yes, we stayed there this past August. But it was a nightmare trying to book from the US. We had to go through an American bank and a Spanish Bank and have our money deposited directly into Jet's account. It took weeks of phone calls and faxes to get a room. Just curious if there is an easier way to book from the US. None of the agencies I tried could book there either.
if you want to see pictures of Jet apartments go check out my website at


the pics of the apartments are on the bottom of the page.. .inside and outside. The place is really great.. decently priced and LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!! you can reserve and pay for a room from Ibiza-spotlight.com directly in the hotel section.. thats we did in for the 2002 season just this past august!