Ibiza in December with a 6 year old


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Hi forumites...it's been a while since I posted here, and I'm hoping you can help. We're heading out to Ibiza on 27th Dec for a few nights for our 10th wedding anniversary, and we'll have our 6 year old with us so it's not going to get wild LOL!

We're staying in beautiful San Juan and will have a car and although I'm SO excited about seeing the island in winter, I'm slightly nervous about feeding my rather fussy kiddo who lives on a diet of mainly spaghetti, fries and ice cream when we visit the island during the spring/summer.

Can anyone recommend some good places for food - breakfast in particular as the hotel have just told us they're not offering it over winter :(

Thanks in advance for your help x


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Musset Cafe in St. Gertrudis should be open year round.
Carrer Venda de sa Picassa, 2, 07814 Santa Gertrudis.
Famous for their Desayunos


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The rd from st Joan to Ibiza well Bambudda roundabout has some great restaurants.

Go in bar Torres if you want traditional/resident experience

Santa e - project social
My son loves the spaghetti in royalty