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Nassau news:

Christian will open a luxury restaurant in a top location on top of Dalt Vila and also a "Nassau City" in Vara de Rey. After a long time behind it, apparently he has bought the abandoned Amhara (often in the news because of the fires caused by the squatters living there)... vvv... takes a breath of air... fff... the kind of gossip you won't read anywhere else, folks. And, if that wasn't enough, the terrace of Nassau has been knocked down and will be rebuilt for next season!


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He was interviewed last night on TEF. As usual, he has no nice words for electronic music and DJs..

In summary, he doesn't like modern music, modern haircuts, modern tattoos, modern dancing, modern anything. He sounds even more militant than me.

interesting how many of these guys cannot bring themselves to retire, even in their 80s


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What ? Identify those simpletons, give them a refund and ban for life


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I had to laugh when I read this (and then went checking circoloco's socials).

while it's true that the line up is weak on 'headliners', especially if you compare that line up to any of the global circoloco parties, people seem to forget the NYD circoloco line up had never been massive previously (until a few years ago that is). it was usually one or two headliners and then lots of residents and such.

personally I'm very much looking forward to it. lots of artists I've never got the chance to check out before, probably it won't be super packed because some disappointed tourists might stay away, and I'm sure the vibe is gonna be fantastic!


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Yes I am looking forward to it too and like the line up, I like the fact they dc10 have written under the comments on insta and said we love and support these djs

Good to hear not so well known djs...so much better than martinez think they are amazing brothers, and loco boring dice

They will probably pay better than well known djs

I really like jimi jules too

But yes it won't be rammed happy days


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I can understand people complaining. I never make a decision purely based on the line up but must say Elrow Madrid and/or Barcelona look a lot better. Checking all flight options for NYD right now..Ibiza, Madrid, BCN.
But it all depends on the Spanish government(s) in the coming days I guess. I fear mainland Spain will follow the EU in new regulations soon so perhaps Ibiza will be the only option by then.


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Most DJs are scrambling to get NYE Bookings overseas this year, in fear of European covid restrictions. NYE used to be a date where DJs stayed in Europe, to make two or three bookings that night/morning. Now headliners go to the US.


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Most DJs are scrambling to get NYE Bookings overseas this year, in fear of European covid restrictions.
Adriatique are headlining fabric NYE. I suspect one Adrian will be In London and the other plays Ibiza

Certainly lots of acts due to play in multiple countries across that period are going to struggle to navigate the various entry rules


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