ibiza gossip 2022


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I do recall them playing Blue Marlin in 2019. I’ve seen Artbat a few times now, most recently at Cercle festival and have been majorly disappointed every time despite liking their music. Their sets completely lack any flow, they just play all their big tracks back to back to back with huge breakdowns every few minutes, hard to dance and enjoy it tbh
I agree to an extent. Saw them in Manchester. I like their sound. The problem is that it’s quite a niche sound and v samey for two hours. The speed and energy is slow and doesn’t change throughout.


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A few contacts went to Saga Bedouin opening , decoration is very different than Heart where there isnt
they play Ana Tijoux -1977 track i had from rodspin (ibz local dj i havent any news along ibz 2022) dj mix session and commercial track Gadjo- So many times (heard it at ushuaias i think ofr blue Marlin?)


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Bez in the Happy Mondays was famous for just dancing about, playing maracas etc and not actually contributing to the music :)
Colin Peters, dj and all-around nice bloke:

Bez dancing to Kinky Afro on stage at Ibiza Rocks 22 August 2012. I managed to record this up close and personal from the photographer's pit. I was totally star-struck and it is one of the highlights of my summer so far.



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Wasn’t even privilege uncomfortably busy in 2019 on a couple of peak summer Resistance Coxy dates if I remember correctly?

Surely they’ll have to be put some sort of cap on Dc10 when he plays, especially as nearly everyone will be in the room he’s playing.


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I see Carl Cox has his lineups out now by the week, but I won't be there for won't be Garnier! :(

Will miss it by a week!

Oh well. Tenaglia may be OK instead.


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was wondering the guests for aug 8th
Hope they still make discount tix for people bound to Carl Cox crew such as ibz 19 (got 6 discount link tix where i could put any names on it, still nice to pay a few dozen of € than 50€ tix :cool:) 🙏
Just seen all the Cova Santa events being put up till the closing parties. Worth checking out if you haven’t been, have a look on website. Some events saying till 6am? Are they opening the club. When that place is busy it’s like nothing I have seen. Are spotlight selling those tickets?